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10. Glasgow (2) The Peoples Palace Social History Museum

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The Peoples Palace is Glasgow's social history museum and housed in a fine looking building with Winter Gardens attached! It tells the story of Glasgow's people from the 1750s to the end of the 20th century. The museum explores Glasgow's rich social history and the life of Glaswegians through many types of exhibits and displays e.g. paintings, prints, photographs, film and computer interactives and historic artefacts.

An old tree by the River Clyde, struggling like the once glorious ship building industry.


The main building of the People's Palace.

(taken from the Doulton Fountain)


A day out to the seaside


Women involved in the war effort.


The negative and positive aspects of alcoholic beverages ('drink'!)


A change in fashion for men!


The Barrowland Dance Hall and Women in Prison.


The 'life and times' of Jimmy Reid portrait


The comedian and musician Billy Connolly



Remembering the Glasgow men who went over to Spain to fight for the socialist republican cause in the Spanish Civil War.


The bitter rivalry between Rangers and Celtic football clubs - the 'Old Firm' derby matches are a very passionate affair!


The once great industries based on engineering and ship building


A typical trade union banner - this one is for the 'The United Society of Boilermakers & Shipbuilders and Structural Workers - founded in 1834 - Clyde District'


Some, frankly, rather dark and sombre, murals depicting aspects of the history of Glasgow.






A history of housing - mansions and hovels! tenement blocks of the city, housing improvements, landlords and tenants


The Barras (the Barrows) is Glasgow's most famous street market.


The changing scene in the home - a brief history of domestic life


GLASGOW INDEX: Glasgow (1) Some buildings and Streets * Glasgow (2) The Peoples Palace Social History Museum * Glasgow (3) The Winter Gardens, Templeton's Carpet factory building & Doulton Fountain * Glasgow (4a) Glasgow Cathedral - building and architecture * Glasgow (4b) Glasgow Cathedral - stained glass windows * Glasgow (4c) The Necropolis * Glasgow (5) St George's Square * Glasgow (6) Glasgow School of Art - Rennie Mackintosh * Glasgow (7) The Willow Tea Room - Rennie Mackintosh * Glasgow (8) University of Glasgow and Chapel * Glasgow (9) The Hunterian Art Gallery * Glasgow (10) Queen Street Station & Central Station * Glasgow (11) SYHA Glasgow (Scottish Youth Hostel) * Glasgow (12) Kelvingrove Park * Glasgow (13) Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum * Glasgow (14) River Clyde, Bridges and Science Centre


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