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paintings 2019 artist Peter M Hicks

Coming painting EXHIBITIONS

Peter Hicks is exhibiting in the gallery of the Dales Countryside Museum

Station Yard, Hawes, North Yorkshire, England

From Saturday 23rd September (preview) to Saturday December 23rd 2023

Reflections and Connections Artistic Responses to Landscape

A beautiful exhibition of work by Peter and Beverley Hicks (Father and Daughter) exploring their ideas and deeply felt concerns in relation to the landscape of North Yorkshire. As has been the case for many artists, writers and musicians in the past, landscape is the vehicle for their creativity and each artist allows their paintings to reflect on a place without being beholden to its familiarities.

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For more views of the Dales Countryside Museum and Gallery see

The Gallery - Index of paintings to view on-line

Examples of work prior to 2009

Portfolio 1. Woodland studies of Hutton Mulgrave, Riccal Dale and the Eden Valley

Portfolio 2. Landscapes of Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales

Portfolio 3. Studies of Grosmont Woods and the Esk Valley, near Whitby, North Yorkshire

Portfolio 4. Landscapes of Malham, the Yorkshire Dales

 Portfolio 5. Potpourri of landscapes from North Yorkshire, The Dales and Cumbria and seascapes from the coast near Whitby

(Portfolio 5.  represents a summary of much of Peter's  Northern England work to date whether in acrylic washes or mixed media paintings)

Portfolio 6. Work based on the coast near St Ives, Cornwall

Portfolio 7. Further studies from Hutton Mulgrave, Eskdale & Esk Valley

 Portfolio 8. Fragments studies based on the ruins of Kirkham Priory and other medieval monastic buildings

Examples of work from 2009 to the present day (2022+)

Portfolio 9. Latest work 2009 and preparation for Messum's Exhibition Jan 2010

Portfolio 10. Winter Scenes 2009-2010

Portfolio 11. Examples of Peter's 2011-2012 work

Portfolio 12. Studies for 'Landscapes for a dark summer'

Portfolio 13 INDULGENCES (work from May 2012)

Portfolio 14 Latest work at the Coast Gallery, Claughton, near Scarborough

Portfolio 15 Studies from Gordale Scar, Yorkshire Dales

Portfolio 16 A series of small paintings for part of a 2017 Retrospective Exhibition

Portfolio 17 Selection of new work from 2017

Portfolio 18 Selection of work from 2018 exhibitions

Portfolio 19 Selection of work from 2019 exhibitions

Portfolio 20 Selection of studio work in 2020

Portfolio 21 selection of work from 2021

Portfolio 22 selection of work from 2022 (works for exhibition in Hawes, North Yorkshire 2023)

Portfolio 23 selection of work from 2023 ('flowers in the landscape' and Fountains Abbey paintings)

To be shown in the 'Reflections on Landscape" exhibition, Danby Moors National Park Centre, October 2021

To be shown in the 'Reflections on Landscape" exhibition, Danby Moors National Park Centre, October 2021

To be shown in the 'Reflections on Landscape" exhibition, Danby Moors National Park Centre, October 2021

To be shown in the 'Reflections on Landscape" exhibition, Danby Moors National Park Centre, October 2021

To see an image from "Entrance to a Lane" follow link at

from which you can purchase the book of Peter's about the inspiration for this series

Painting 'scenes' from Peter M Hick's studio in 2020

Painting 'scenes' from Peter M Hick's studio in 2020


paintings 2019 artist Peter M Hicks

Painting 'scenes' from Peter M Hick's studio in 2019

Peter also took part in the Staithes Festival of Arts, on Saturday Sept 8th and Sunday Sept 9th 2018

Contact details and list of exhibitions

The Inspired by ... Art Gallery, Danby Lodge


Some of Peter Hicks work was exhibited in The 'DARK SKIES EXHIBITION' in February-April 2018 in the "Inspired by ... Art Gallery' in the North York Moors National Park Centre at Danby.

The Dark Skies Exhibition was a collection of outstanding works inspired by the dramatic skies of the North York Moors featuring 21 artists including Peter M Hicks.


 "Dark Sky" by Peter M Hicks (left, acrylic on canvas)

"Night Sky" by Peter M Hicks (below, acrylic on canvas)


ART EXHIBITION at Nunnington Hall - A Sense of Place - National Trust in the North.

In Nunnington Hall house itself, was in March - April 2018

From idyllic coastal views and romantic ruins to great houses of splendour, the National Trust cares for some of Britain's greatest heritage gems.

This unique art exhibition brings together four Yorkshire artists and their favourite views and spots at many of our much-loved special places.

One of the artists featured in this Nunnington Hall exhibition was Peter M. Hicks, including the painting below.

Peter Hicks is continuing to celebrate his 80th year following his successful retrospective with his first ever online sale of his small pieces.

Peter's explanation of the 80 paintings is here:

Similarly to the retrospective show where he had 80 stunning postcard size works where they were all framed at 195 each, 

for this 80 they are unframed making them even more affordable at 150 plus insured postage (10 within the UK, 15 rest of the world).

This is his way of allowing the possibility of his work to be reached from further afield than Yorkshire where he is mainly known and seen.

The 80 signed, original postcard works are now on sale at the following website:


The DVDs Nick Turner made about Peter are available to buy here:



 Nick Turner has made a video film of the work of Peter Hicks called "From Dawn to Dusk"

The trailer for the film is on YouTube at and

gives an excellent insight into the philosophy and techniques employed by Peter, and the

DVD can be obtained from Nick Turner via : Email

3a. Esk Valley. ~ 45cm x 15cm watercolour

5b. Cleveland ravine, between Scaling Dam and Dalehouse (only visible in late Autumn). ~ 70cm x 60cm acrylics"I chose to concern myself as a painter with landscape as a means through which to communicate ideas, feelings and aspirations - out of a need and towards some kind of fulfilment. My perception is caught between figuration and abstraction. I pare away specific things and work with the basic forces of my subject - its moods, light, rhythmic 'lie-of-the-land' and atmosphere." Peter M. Hicks

The inspiration for Peter Hicks painting work is strongly derived from the landscapes of the North Yorkshire Moors, the Yorkshire Dales and the eastern seascapes of North Yorkshire and Northumbria, following the footsteps of other Northumbrian visiting artists including the great Turner.

A Brief Biography

Peter Hicks has pursued a career as a professional painter for many years. He was head of a large Art Department at Queen Elizabeth College, Darlington, lectured extra mural for Durham and Hull Universities and compiled a publication on the Life and Work of the well known artist, Lilian Colbourn. As a result her work was shown in Cork Street, London.

"I work out of need and towards some kind of fulfilment. My perception is caught between figuration and abstraction, in a world where hints, hopes and promises abound. It aims at a coming together and promises an amalgam of many things; the known or familiar, an aspiration, a shared moment, or a memory. My stimulus remains the environment, particularly from places where thoughts intervene, etching their own patina upon familiar objects. The aim is to be a clear transparency to the ideas that come to thought. I subscribe to the belief that, though the forms of art change, the highest aspirations remain" Peter Hicks

2a. Approaching storm Swaledale. ~ 140cm x 120 acrylics

"In Britain in the early years of the 20th century a rich seam of landscape painting sprang into being - largely informed by the new Modernist Movements in mainland Europe. Paul and John Nash, Graham Sutherland, David Jones, John Piper and Ivan Hitchins amongst many others showed that landscape painting could still be made relevant. My work in a small way is a continuance of that line of development."

"In my landscapes there are no people, animals, farms, fences, walls, gates or clearly identifiable things. Yet this is not a particularly new way of working, Paul Serusier and Cezanne successfully produced landscape paintings made from simple blocks of colour without descriptive information to create the image of landscape, in the late 19th century."

"The reason I work this way is because it gives me the opportunity to instill into the paintings ideas and feelings that concern me on many aspects of life. I work in the belief, like the abstract expressionists, that whatever goes into the painting, must inevitably come out and in the process of time, be felt and hopefully understood."

"The moods, marks and colours that pervade my work and form into familiar images, come from a landscape as much from within as from the one that is visible to all. This way the familiar becomes a gateway through which we can access the less immediately obvious."

"I subscribe to the belief that though the forms of art change the highest aspirations remain."

The landscapes and scenery of the Derbyshire Dales, The Lake District in Cumbria, The Yorkshire Dales, The Northern Pennines and The North Yorkshire Moors of Northern England have not only provided excellent walking and touring country for several hundred years but have also inspired the work of many artists whose paintings pay homage to the great natural beauty of the landscape around us. The work of such artists, in turn, has historically led to a greater interest and appreciation of the 'robust' landscapes of Northern England. The work of Peter Hicks should encourage to people to visit these wonderful scenic areas, and hopefully, those 'tourists' who know these areas well, appreciate his stunning interpretation of what is around them whether on foot or in the car!

Peter M. Hicks - Northern Landscape Artist

Assorted paintings - acrylics - mixed media - watercolours - examples of work to view online

If you have found the site useful OR have any problems using the site Please Email Phil Brown : Peter can now be contacted by email via

Digital images-photographs-pictures-photos-webshots or Peter's art and artwork Peter M Hicks 2006-2018

Peter M. Hicks - Northern Landscape Artist - homepage

Sunlight, Mulgrave Woods (51" x 40") NOT for sale


paintings 2019 artist Peter M Hicks

The artist Peter Hicks lives and works in a small village in North Yorkshire in the heart of the North York Moors National Park and close to many locations where he paints and draws inspiration from the surrounding landscape.

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