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7. The hilltop town of CORTONA, Tuscany

A brief history of Cortona

The ancient town of Cortona dates from the Etruscan period, followed by the Romans, and much of what you see today of Cortona's structure dates from the medieval period.

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Cortona: View from the railway line from Florence to Rome.


Cortona: Ancient gateways and defensive walls.


Cortona: Stunning views across the Tuscan countryside




Cortona:  The city walls of Cortona and a pair of ancient gateways, first built by the Etruscan.


Cortona:  The base of the city walls dates from the ancient Etruscan


Cortona: The Tuscan landscape beyond the town walls.




Cortona: Lovely paved streets to walk around and explore.


Cortona: Narrow streets open out into piazzas and doorways to palazzos.


Cortona: One of the central piazzas with palazzo town house.




Cortona: The steps upto the entrance doorway of the ? palazzo, a favourite place to sit and relax!


Cortona:  A small ancient church with its twin bell tower. REDO [...]?


Cortona:  An old Romanesque doorway with traces of elaborate carvings (see below).


Cortona:  Detail of the carvings of the top of the pillar of the gateway above.


Cortona: Old medieval houses



Cortona: More paved streets and the town's defensive walls and gateway




Cortona: The Tuscan landscape from the town walls


Cortona: The dome of another church and beyond the olive groves and farmsteads of the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

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