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8. Pest (2) The Basilica of St Stephen

Budapest, Pest: Approaching st Stephen's Basilica.


Budapest, Pest: sculpture of ?


Budapest, Pest: The construction of the Basilica seems to have had a chequered history. The grandiose building was started in 1848, but progress was halted by the war of independence. The famous architect Jozsef Hild continued the work in 1851 in somewhat classical manner and St Stephens' was nearly completed when Hild died in 1868, the same year the cupola collapsed! The next architect was Miklos Ybi who remodelled it in a neo-Renaissance style and after Ybi's death it was finally completed in 1905 by Jozsef Kauser who was responsible for its Baroque designed interior.


Budapest, Pest: The Basilica building is in the form of Greek.


Budapest, Pest: The interior of the Basilica is richly adorned



Budapest, Pest: Looking up into the 96 m high central cupola of the dome of the Basilica.



Budapest, Pest: Stained glass windows in St Stephen's Church.

Budapest, Pest: Below are the six stained glass windows in St Stephen's Chapel.

Budapest, Pest: Above are the six stained glass windows in St Stephen's Chapel.






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