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12. The Pretty Village of Laaben

Laaben: Everything i.e. all the roads, houses and gardens are clean, neat and tidy, all is well organised and in its place!






Laaben: There are lots of well marked footpaths and cycle ways to explore this beautiful countryside.


Laaben: Not exactly the Austrian Alps, but still a lovely evening walk in the 'hills and woods of Vienna'.


Laaben: A well laden pear? or plum? tree

Laaben: For our last evening in Austria, we had a most enjoyable stay at the Hotel zur Post - Familie Steinburger, excellent rooms and food and the bar seems to act as the local pub!


Laaben: The next morning we head for home on the autobahns from Vienna to Calais via the motorway services at Wurzburg

Rasthof Wurzburg Nord is a very good motorway service establishment south of Wurzburg. Very good facilities for tourists travelling en route for their holidays and quite spectacular views, even when dining, across to Wurzburg Castle, a major tourist attraction, and fully rebuilt after its destruction in World War II.

Good views from the 'balcony'!

The vineyards


The reconstructed Wurzburg Castle and flashing by Limburg Castle!

Wald Autobahn Services, Germany: A bit more than basic facilities with a children's play area for tourists aka weary travellers, but there for all essential stops continental coach tours, touring cars etc. when travelling on the E56/A3 autobahn motorway road between Nuremburg and Vienna.

 Drongen Motorway Services, Belgium : Pretty basic facilities, but there for all essential stops when travelling on the E40/A10 road south of Drongen and Gent!

The Hotel Leonardo in Wavre, near Brussels in Belgium, is a really good hotel cum travel lodge when doing a long distance drive from western to eastern Europe on a holiday coach tour with Ledger Tours. Excellent facilities all round for tourists including good food, comfortable rooms, splendid breakfasts and evening meals and even a swimming pool and children's play area.

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