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15c. Malahide Village & Marina and Malahide Castle


A quick tour of Malahide, weather could have been better on both visits!

Malahide village is situated on a river estuary about 13 km north of Dublin. It is a relatively modern 'estate' village but has a nice old fashioned feel to it. There is a variety of shops from those 'on the corner' with those 'essentials' to designer boutiques, lots of cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes, an extensive marina and sailing in the estuary and nearby Irish Sea! To avoid the hectic traffic of Dublin, you can get out to Malahide by train on the DART or by BUS!

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Malahide harbour and marina viewed from the Portmarnock road.


Malahide station


Express train from Drogheda to Dublin at Malahide station


DART commuter from Dublin coming into Malahide station


Not sure what to make of this 'nautical-marine' figure near Malahide Marina!


Malahide Marina,  restaurant and housing complex.


A popular mooring location for yachts.



The centre of Malahide Village. Although the current village is relatively modern, the history of Malahide goes back to the landing of the Vikings in 795 AD and the Danes settled in the area from AD 897 onwards. By 1185 the Normans controlled Dublin and the first Malahide Castle buildings were constructed.


 The hanging baskets and other floral displays are feature of Malahide Heritage Village. The village centre was developed in the 19th century where the small harbour imported coal and timber. Flax was grown in the locality and when the railway arrived in 1844 the village grew further, especially as the Malahide Sea Baths were a popular attraction with Dubliners.

The Church of St. Sylvester, the Parish church of Malahide, to the left is the Parish Pastoral Centre


The altar and stained glass window in St. Sylvester.


The interior of St Sylvester.


The crossroads in Malahide Village from which it is a short walk to Malahide Castle.


'The Really Old sweet Shop' in Malahide village.



New Street, Malahide Village new look outdoor seating tables chairs for people to dine outside in fresh air cafe or restaurant style.

During the Covid-19 period of 2020-2021 New Street, Malahide Village, has taken on a new look with outdoor seating tables and chairs for people to dine outside in the fresh air whether it be cafe or restaurant style.



The grounds around Malahide Castle.


The small 'formal' garden in front of Malahide Castle.


The earliest origins of Malahide Castle lie in the 12th century, and its use was continuous from 1185 to 1975! This historic castle was home to the Talbot family for 800 years but the Castle and Grounds have undergone extensive restoration and development, the latter particularly for the visiting tourist e.g. the Courtyards shopping centre and visitor centre.


Malahide Castle stands in extensive grounds that you can explore and walk around, and much of what you see of the castle dates from the medieval times.


Spring blooms around Malahide Castle.


Malahide Castle and Gardens are owned by the Irish State and are well worth a visit. Malahide Castle is furnished with beautiful period furniture and a wonderful collection of Irish portrait paintings, mainly from the National Gallery of Ireland.


The respective towers of the ruined church and Malahide Castle


The ruined church by the side of Malahide Castle that was once part of Malahide Abbey, though the first church was dedicated to St Fenivus. The three arched bell turret is from the later church

There are some lovely quiet gardens to explore around Malahide Castle.


A tour of the interior of Malahide Castle




The Oak Room in xyz



oak room in xyz



 in tower ?



The mirror in the Large Drawing Room in xyz


the Large Drawing Room in xyz


the Large Drawing Room in xyz


the Large Drawing Room in xyz



Lady rose's bedroom in xyz


Lord Milo's room in xyz


children's bedroom

view from Rose's room


The Great Hall, dating from 1455 ?, xyz






The library attached to the Great Hall in xyz.


The interesting gardens you can only access by purchasing the xyz tour ticket The great Cedar of Lebanon tree from the Middle East.



the folly

The Dutch House

nice and warm in cool early spring




The shops and grounds of the Malahide Castle Demesne


The Craft Courtyard at Malahide Castle and the entrance to the Avoca shop and cafe restaurant.


The Cafe in Courtyard complex of Malahide Castle.


The gardens and grounds in front of Malahide Castle, but the real gem outside of the castle is the magnificent 4 acre Walled Gardens home to a great variety of exotic plants collected and planted by Lord Milo Talbot who brought many of the plants from the southern hemisphere and in particular from Chile and Australia..


The main entrance for tourist visitors to Malahide Castle.


There are 22 acres of spacious grounds to walk around and apparently over 5000 different species of plant varieties can be found somewhere on the estate! As well as the Castle itself, the surrounding Demesne and grounds have nice walks, play areas for the children, picnic sites for the family, cricket pitches, 9 hole golf courses and the excitement of pitch and putt!



Other aspects of Malahide

The cricket grounds and pitch of Malahide Cricket Club which you pass on the way back to Malahide village ....


.... and onwards for a walk along the beach from Malahide marina, which houses hundreds of yachts and boats in the Broadmore estuary.


The safe estuary, and not that far to the open sea where you see dinghy sailing, kayaking, larger yachts and windsurfing.


 A popular place for sailing and beachcombing too. There is some really nice coastal walking on the rocky coastline and safe beaches to play on BUT there are strong currents in the channel so swimming is NOT safe. You can actually do a lovely walk along by the sea all the way round to Portmarnock.


An old medieval watch tower? called Robswall Castle from the 14th century now a private house and venue (e.g. for weddings) with chapel, luxury
bedrooms and grounds, all near the sea front of Broadmeadow Water (aka Malahide Estuary) !

You also see Martello towers, part of the British Napoleonic defence system of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, converted into private houses.



Highland cattle near Robswall housing development - one of the most desirable locations for houses and apartments near Malahide.


Malahide village in North County Dublin, Ireland, is designated a heritage town, is a very busy places with many shops and cafes and extensive developments around the marina. Malahide Castle, dating from the 12th century, is a short walk through woodland from Malahide village, and is set in beautiful grounds which you can walk around. For a small fee there are guided tours of the Castle and the Talbot Botanic Garden. Malahide Castle has a Coffee Shop - Tea Room - Cafe - Restaurant for refreshments. In the Craft Courtyard is Tara's Palace, a Museum of Childhood with a display of dolls houses through the centuries from 1720 to 1966 and scale models of some of Dublin's greatest 18th century mansions. There is also the Cyril Fry Model Railway Museum, one of the biggest in Ireland with a marvellous display of model trains and locomotives. The Malahide Castle Demesne includes 109ha of parkland, pleasant walkways, play and picnic areas, a cricket pitch, tennis courts, a 9 hole golf course and a pitch and putt course. You can walk all the way along the coast from Malahide to the good beach at Portmarnock and get the 102 bus back!


The Play area in the grounds of Malahide Castle

There is a really good play area for children in the grounds of Malahide Castle.



Malahide Castle - More details and pictures of the Malahide Courtyards and cafe-restaurant



The terrace part of the cafe


The Malahide Courtyard entrance

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Welcome to the Courtyards! The Courtyards development, using the old estate buildings comprises quite a complex of food stalls in the food hall, Irish design goods brands, like Avoca, in fact all sorts of Irish produced merchandise, souvenirs, the Avoca cafe in the grounds of the courtyard serving delicious hot or cold meals, delicious dishes of all sorts of food and of course traditional delicious homemade cakes and desserts and excellent value high quality main meals well up to good restaurant standard. There is a display about the botanic gardens and walled garden of Malahide Castle and also in the garden exhibition centre the visitor can read the story of the Walled Garden through the work of Milo Talbot

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