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OCR GCSE Gateway Science Biology Module B1 Understanding Organisms

Unit-Item B1g Controlling plant growth

  1. Appreciate that growth and development in plants are controlled by plant growth regulators (hormones).

  2. Appreciate examples of how humans can use plant hormones to aid the efficient production of food.

  3. Check out any experiments or research you did eg

    • a) seed growth including aspects of safe and accurate working, the presenting of results and evaluation of data collection and the validity and reliability of the data.

    • b) experiment to test whether cress seedlings grow towards light.

    • c) experiment to test whether bean roots always grow downwards.

    • d) taking cuttings using rooting powder to encourage root growth.

    • e) bananas ripening more quickly if already ripened bananas are close by and why this happens.

    • f) how seedless grapes are produced.

  4. Recognise that plants as well as animals respond to changes in their environment.

  5. Be able to understand that plant growth (limited to growth of shoots and roots, flowering and fruit ripening) is controlled by chemicals called plant hormones.

  6. Be able to describe an experiment to show that shoots grow towards light.

  7. Be able to understand how growth towards light increases the plantís chance of survival.

  8. Be able to understand why roots grow downwards.

  9. Know and understand that plant hormones can be used in agriculture to speed up or slow down plant growth.

  10. Be able to describe shoots as positively phototropic but negatively geotropic.

  11. Be able to describe roots as negatively phototropic but positively geotropic.

  12. Know that the group of plant hormones called auxins:

    • a) move through the plant in solution

    • b) are involved in the response to light (phototropism)

    • c) are involved in the response to gravity (geotropism).

  13. HT only: Be able to interpret data from phototropism experiments in terms of auxin action:

    • a) auxin made in tip

    • b) unequally distributed in response to light.

  14. HT only: Be able to explain how auxin brings about shoot curvature in terms of cell elongation.

  15. Be able to relate the action of plant hormones to their commercial uses:

    • a) selective weedkillers

    • b) rooting powder

    • c) fruit ripening (delay or acceleration)

    • d) control of dormancy




  • OCR GCSE Gateway Science BIOLOGY Module B1 Understanding Organisms

  • When revising, these pages provide you with a summary of what you need to know and be able to do.

  • BUT remember, your primary source of revision are your class notes, investigations and OCR GCSE Gateway science textbooks and classwork worksheets as well as examination practice with past papers.

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