Doc Brown's GCSE OCR 21st Century Science-Physics Revision Notes

PLEASE NOTE NEW revision summaries for the NEW OCR 21st Century Science B GCSE Physics B and NEW OCR GCSE 21st Century Combined Science B Physics courses: Revision for Chapters P1-3 and  Chapters P4-6 STARTING with Y10 in Sept. 2016 onwards, first exams in 2018

OCR GCSE 21st Century Additional Science Physics Module P5 Electric circuits

P5.1 Electric current a flow of what?

  • 1. Be able to explain that when two objects are rubbed together they become charged, because electrons are transferred from one object to the other

  • 2. know that objects with similar charges repel, and objects with opposite charges attract

  • 3. Be able to explain simple electrostatic effects in terms of attraction and repulsion of charges

  • 4. know that electrons are negatively charged

  • 5. know that electric current is a flow of charge

  • 6. know that electric current is measured in amperes

  • 7. understand that in an electric circuit the metal conductors (the components and wires) contain many charges that are free to move

  • 8. understand that when a circuit is made, the battery causes these free charges to move, and that they are not used up but flow in a continuous loop

  • 9. know that in metallic conductors an electric current is a movement of free electrons that are present throughout such materials

  • 10. understand that in metal conductors there are lots of charges free to move but in an insulator there are few charges free to move.