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OCR GCSE 21st Century Science Biology Module B7 Further Biology

Biology Unit B7.1 Peak performance – movement and exercise



  • 1. understand that the internal skeleton of vertebrates is needed for support and movement
  • 2. understand that muscles can only move bones at a joint by contraction, and thus operate in antagonistic pairs
  • 3. know the structure and function of the components of a joint, to include:
    • a) smooth layer of cartilage and synovial fluid to reduce friction between bones
    • b) elastic ligaments to stabilise joints while allowing movement
    • c) tendons to transmit the forces between muscle and bones
  • 4. understand how the specific properties of ligaments, cartilage and tendons enable them to function effectively
  • 5. explain why certain factors in a person’s medical or lifestyle history need to be disclosed before an exercise regime is started (for example: symptoms, current medication, alcohol and tobacco consumption, level of physical activity, family medical history and previous treatments)
  • 6. interpret data obtained when monitoring a person during and after exercise, including change in heart rate, change in blood pressure and the recovery period
  • 7. be able to use proportion of body fat and body mass index (BMI) as measurements of fitness
  • 8. be able to use the equation:
    • BMI = body mass (kg) / [height (m)]2
  • 9. HT only: understand that any assessment of progress needs to take into account the accuracy of the monitoring technique and the repeatability of the data obtained
  • 10. know common injuries that can be caused by excessive exercise, to include sprains, dislocations, and torn ligaments or tendons
  • 11. know symptoms and basic treatments for a sprain
  • 12. be able to describe the role of the physiotherapist in treatment of skeletal-muscular injury.




  • OCR GCSE Twenty First Century Science BIOLOGY Module B7 Further Biology

  • When revising, these pages provide you with a summary of what you need to know and be able to do.

  • BUT remember, your primary source of revision are your class notes, investigations and OCR 21st C GCSE science textbooks and classwork worksheets as well as examination practice with past papers.

  • PLEASE NOTE My NEW GCSE (9-1) BIOLOGY REVISION SUMMARIES for Y10 2016-2017 onwards

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