Doc Brown's Science AQA GCSE ADDITIONAL SCIENCE 1 course Study Notes Revision Notes

Additional Science Biology B2.1 Cells and simple cell transport

B2.2 Tissues, organs and organ systems

AQA Additional Science Biology Unit B2.3 Photosynthesis

B2.4 Organisms and their environment

Additional science Chemistry C2.1 Structure and bonding

C2.2 How structure influences the properties and uses of substances

AQA GCSE Additional Science Chemistry C2.3 Atomic structure, analysis and quantitative chemistry

Additional Science Physics P2.1 Forces and their effects

P2.2 Kinetic energy of objects speeding up or slowing down

P2.3 Currents in electrical circuits

See also ADDITIONAL SCIENCE 2 examination specification units

Contain a summary of contents of syllabus-specification statements expressed as learning objectives for exam revision

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OCR GCSE 21st Century Science A CHEMISTRY  *  OCR GCSE Gateway Science B CHEMISTRY

WJEC GCSE Science-CHEMISTRY  *  Northern Ireland CCEA GCSE Science-CHEMISTRY

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REVISION NOTES GUIDE SUMMARY: What do you need to know for the examinations? and what do you need to able to do in the exams? For your AQA GCSE ADDITIONAL SCIENCE 1 syllabus specification examinations. HT means for higher tier students only. Sorry, but I don't have the time to answer questions, but if you see any apparent errors or wish to comment, please email me.  I'm producing revision lists of what you need to know & be able to do in the written exam papers eg a 30-60 minute read for each module-unit-topic based on the official examination board syllabus-specification & help links to notes & quizzes. All my notes, learning objectives, comments etc. are based on the official AQA GCSE Science A Key Stage 4 KS4 specification. (updated Feb 25th 2013)

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