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PLEASE NOTE NEW revision summaries for the NEW Edexcel GCSE Physics and the NEW Edexcel GCSE Combined Science Physics courses: Revision for Paper 1 (Topics 1-7) and  Paper 2 (Topics 8-15) STARTING with Y10 in Sept. 2016 onwards, first exams in 2018

Edexcel GCSE Science GCSE Physics Unit P1 Universal physics

Physics Unit P1 Topic 4 Waves and the Earth

  • 4.1 Know that sound with frequencies greater than 20 000 hertz, Hz, is known as ultrasound.
  • 4.2 Be able to describe some uses of ultrasound, including:
    • a) sonar
    • b) communication between animals
    • c) foetal scanning
  • 4.3 Be able to calculate depth or distance (d in m) from time (s) and velocity (m/s) of ultrasound
    • using the formula: v = d / t, so rearranging gives d = v x t
  • 4.4 Know that sound with frequencies less than 20 hertz, Hz, is known as infrasound.
  • 4.5 Be able to describe uses of infrasound, including:
    • a) communication between animals
    • b) detection of animal movement in remote locations
    • c) detection of volcanic eruptions and meteors
  • 4.6 Know that seismic waves are generated by earthquakes or explosions
  • 4.7 Revise any investigation you did into the unpredictability of earthquakes, using sliding blocks and weight.
  • 4.8 Be able to explain why scientists find it difficult to predict earthquakes and tsunami waves even with available data.
  • 4.9 Know that seismic waves can be longitudinal (P) waves and transverse (S) waves and that they can be reflected and refracted at boundaries between the crust, mantle and core.
  • 4.10 Be able to explain how data from seismometers can be used to identify the location of an earthquake.
  • 4.11 HT only: Be able to show an understanding of how P and S waves travel inside the Earth including reflection and refraction.
  • 4.12 Be able to explain how the Earth’s outermost layer is composed of (tectonic) plates and is in relative motion due to convection currents in the mantle.
  • 4.13 You must have an understanding of how, at plate boundaries, plates may slide past each other, sometimes causing earthquakes.




  • Edexcel GCSE Science PHYSICS

  • When revising, these pages provide you with a summary of what you need to know and be able to do.

  • BUT remember, your primary source of revision are your class notes, investigations and Edexcel GCSE science textbooks as well as examination practice with past papers.

  • EDEXCEL GCSE Science PHYSICS 1 UNIT 1 P1 Universal Physics

  • Topic 1 Visible light and the Solar System

  • Topic 2 The electromagnetic spectrum

  • Topic 3 Waves and the Universe

  • Topic 4 Waves and the Earth

  • Topic 5 Generation and transmission of electricity

  • Topic 6 Energy and the future

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