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NANOCHEMISTRY - Nanoscience - Nanotechnology - Nanostructures

What are nanoparticles? How big are nanoparticles? What are nanotubes? What can we use nanoparticles for?

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boron nitride * Buckminsterfullerenes-bucky balls * carbon nanotubes * fat nanoparticles * fluorographene * fullerenes * graphene * health and safety issues * liposomes * nanochemistry * nanomaterials * nanoparticles * nanoscale * nanoscience * nanosize-nanosized-particles * nanostructures * nanotechnology * nanotubes * problems in nanomaterial use * silver nanoparticles * safety issues * sunscreens-sunblockers * titanium dioxide

See also SMART MATERIALS SCIENCE which obviously overlaps with nanomaterials

Part 1. General introduction to nanoscience and commonly used terms explained

Part 2. NANOCHEMISTRY - an introduction and potential applications

Part 3. Uses of Nanoparticles of titanium(IV) oxide, fat and silver

Part 4. From fullerenes & bucky balls to carbon nanotubes

Part 5. Graphene and Fluorographene

Part 6. Cubic and hexagonal boron nitride BN

Part 7. Problems, issues and implications associated with using nanomaterials


More on the applications of chemistry Uses of 220+ chemical elements, compounds, mixtures & Formulation chemistry

See also Covalent Bonding - macromolecules and giant covalent structures including diamond & graphite

AND SMART MATERIALS SCIENCE which obviously overlaps with nanomaterials


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