Image62.gifgradu8doc.gifGCSE/IGCSE/AS Science-Physics-Chemistry Worksheet Questions 1 on RADIOACTIVITY - absorption of alpha, beta and gamma radiation

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(a) Some substances give out atomic or radiation all the time, whatever is done to them, and these are said to be .

(b) There are types of radiation emitted by radioactive :

(c) radiation is easily absorbed by a few centimetres of or a thin sheet of .

(d) radiation easily passes through air or paper but is mostly absorbed by a few millimetres of .

(e) radiation is very and requires many centimetres of or several metres of to absorb most of it.

(f) There are radioactive substances all around us, including e.g. granite in the ground, in the air, in building materials and in food.

(g) Radiation also reaches us from outer . The radiation from all these sources is called radiation.

(h) Image132.gif is the warning symbol for .

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