Doc Brown's KS4 Science GCSE, IGCSE and O Level Industrial Chemistry Revision Notes: For 4. How can metals be made more useful? e.g. iron and aluminium 5. Titanium how it is produced? and what is it used for? follow the links below

Electroplating surfaces with metals

Uses of transition metals e.g. iron and titanium (GCSE/IGCSE/O level)

Chemistry and uses of transition metals - titanium (advanced level)

Chemistry and uses of transition metals - iron (advanced level)

See also SHAPE MEMORY ALLOYS e.g. Nitinol & Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys

Index of sections: 1. Limestone, lime - uses, thermal decomposition of carbonates, hydroxides and nitrates  *  2. Enzymes and Biotechnology  *  3. Contact Process, the importance of sulphuric acid  6. Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis * 7. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry Economics & Sustainability * 8. Products of the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries & impact on us * 9. The Principles & Practice of Chemical Production - Synthesising Molecules  and other web pages of industrial chemistry notes: Ammonia synthesis/uses/fertilisers * Oil Products * Extraction of MetalsHalogens - sodium chloride Electrolysis * Transition Metals * Extra Electrochemistry

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