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23b. The interior architecture

 of St Denys Church

Internal architecture and stained glass windows Part 1

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 to help keep this lovely medieval church with its wonderful C15 windows

A reminder of the external architecture



Looking across the central aisle to the north aisle and the 15th century stained glass windows. Details of the stained glass windows are given in the order as viewed from left to right in the picture above and then windows shown in the picture below, plus one other. All the windows in the picture are 15th century with the elaborate Decorated style of tracery.


Looking across the central aisle to the south aisle and the 15th century and Victorian stained glass windows. The two 14th century windows on the right have lovely tracery of the Decorated period of architecture.


Medieval stained glass - the window nearest the font - left side of north aisle - facing you through the south door entrance: The two circular medallions in the central light date from ~1200 and are the oldest stain glass in the church, and possibly the oldest in York. Two scarlet demons appear in the upper roundels. In the right light (right pane) is a 14th century panel of St John the Baptist wearing a camel skin coat and palm trees in the background.


Medieval stained glass - middle window of north aisle: This is 14th century and the upper parts shown depict St Margaret slaying a dragon with her cross-spear and to her right the Virgin and Child. The three lower lights (lower panes) show three kneeling citizens of York and probably represent Robert de Skelton (~1340), his wife Joan and on the lower right their son John. Robert is holding a model of the window.

[DETAILS of two of the lower panels]



Medieval stained glass - right window of north aisle: This stain glass window is also 14th century and in the main lights, St Thomas ('doubting Thomas') kneels before the Risen Christ and St John the Evangelist on His right. Below in the middle light is a kneeling bearded donor with a scroll showing in Latin the words "Lord Have Mercy on Me".

[DETAILS of the three lower panels]



The north window of the east wall - to the left of the altar: It is mainly 15th century stained glass and once depicted a branched Jesse Tree showing the descent of Christ from Jesse, father of King David. However the 'branches' are now filled with a patchwork of glass fragments including heads of angels, saints and bishops.


Medieval stained glass fragments.


Medieval stained glass - the upper part of the east window above the altar: This window dates from 1452 to 1455 and depicts a sainted abbot (probably St Leonard), the Virgin Mary, the Crucifixion flanked by angels (one catches Christ's blood in a chalice), St John and the churches patron St Denys, holding his severed head.


The rather jumbled 15th? century medieval stained glass of the south window of the east wall to the right of the altar: This originally depicted the life of St Catherine but now consists of a mosaic of fragments including (if you can spot them!), heralds with trumpets, dragon in a chalice, an angel, and a devil whispering into the ears of a triple-crowned Pope.

[DETAILS of all 12 panels shown above - wonderful jumble, but not a scrap heap!]


Medieval stained glass of the east end of the south wall: This 15th century set of panels includes St Catherine, the Virgin Mary below sun rays and ?



The brightly Victorian stained glass in the middle of the south wall next to the entrance. This Victorian window of 1877 shows Christ with Nicodemus, the Ascension and Christ at Jacob's Well.


In a side chapel is an old font, possibly 15th century?


The upper part of the Victorian patterned stamped glass window in the west wall from ~1846.



The 15th century timbered roof above the central aisle


The four carved 12th century Norman heads (~1160) which have been reset high above on the south side of the south arches of the south aisle arcade (easy to miss them!).

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23a. Exterior structure of St Denys 23c. Part 2 stained glass of St Denys panel details




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