Stained Glass of All Saints picture 3(g) THE NINE ORDERS OF ANGELS WINDOW

This window in the south choir aisle was reconstructed from fragments in 1965 following the discovery of a 17th century drawing by Henry Johnston of the window in a complete state. The iconography is that of the Nine Orders of Angels. A representative angel of each order leads a procession of mortals of the appropriate rank in medieval society. From top left to bottom right: the figure representing the Seraphim leads a group of high ranking clerics, a Cherubim leads a group of clerks & scholars, while the figure that represents the Thrones leads members of the medieval legal profession. The figure representing the Dominations leads a group including two kings, a pope and an emperor. The angel representing Principalities leads a group of noblemen. Powers are represented by an armoured angel who leads a group of priests. The figures of Virtues, Archangels and Angels, are leading groups of average members of medieval York society. First are the middle-aged Burgesses e.g. Nicholas Blackburn, who are accompanied by their wives wearing elaborate headdresses. Working men and women are also shown as a labourer with a spade, a North Street tanner with his tools, a woman with a basket and a man holding up a pair of spectacles to his eyes. Do they represent a group of parishioners who paid for the window?

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