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Newcastle's Medieval Walls and Towers

Newcastle's earliest walls date from the time of King Henry III and in 1280 the Dominicans obtained permission to make a poster gate through the wall. Most of the Newcastle town walls were built in the 13th and 14th century.

 In places the walls of Newcastle were 7 feet thick with the parapet and merlons (crenellation on the battlements) protecting the wall-walk at height of 25 feet.

The semi-circular (on the outside) towers defending the wall were built within an archer's bow-shot of each other, for obvious military tactical reasons!


Some of the remaining West Walls are amongst the most substantial remnants of the Newcastle walls, near Newgate Street and Percy Street.


The Newcastle town wall near the semi-circular Durham Tower, built in the late 13th century and was one of the seventeen wall towers and is the best preserved tower in the western section of Newcastle's town walls..


The Herber Tower, again on the west walls, is almost intact and was built in the late thirteenth century, restored in 1770-1771 by the Company of Armourers, Curriers and Fletmakers, who used the tower for a meeting hall.


The Chinatown Arch - this Chinese Gate stands near the famous St James's Park football stadium, not far from the much older walls and gateways of medieval Newcastle! A bit of contrast!


A section of the walls and a tower near Croft Stairs high above the Quayside of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.




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