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and 28. Sunderland (2) St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth

The entrance to Bede's World - The Museum of Early Medieval Northumbria at Jarrow.


On the left is a statue of Bede. On the right ?


The large mural depicting the life and journeys of Bishop Biscop, including six trips to Rome!


A reproduction of an altar, altar cloth, the gilded Rupertus Cross and reliquary that Bishop Biscop would have had in the Jarrow Monastery. Bishop Biscop collected treasures from all over Europe to bring back to Jarrow and his gilded altar cross might well have been as finely decorated as this. The original of this reliquary is in Mortain, France, and is decorated with Roman-style figures of Christ and the archangels Gabriel and Michael with Anglo-Saxon runes and may have contained the relics of saints.


Some of the illustrated works of Bede from 12th century manuscripts. ( British Library)

Left: On the Reckoning of Time, which shows how to count to 9999 using fingers!

Right: Measuring the Equinox - Bede helped to establish the true dates of the equinoxes, that is when there is exactly 12 hours of daytime and 12 hours of night-time and the sun is directly over the equator.


In the upper room dedicated to Bede's life, and in particular his interest in science, there are three lovely stained glass windows depicting ideas and observations that interested him e.g. the two daily tides of the sea.


Bede the scholar and historian.


Links with Abbess Hild (St Hilda) and the monastery at Whitby.


A replica of the Codex Amiatinus (the Great Bible) was produced at the Wearmouth-Jarrow scriptorium. On the right is an illustration from it of work in the scriptorium - the library where written works such as beautifully illuminated manuscripts were produced. ( British Library)


Outside of the Bede's World indoor displays is a reconstruction of the rural life in Anglo-Saxon England, so you will see ducks, chickens, geese, animal sheds, pigs, sheep, cattle, vegetable garden, Anglo-Saxon timber framed buildings and a Northumberland Cross.


Also outside of the museum is Jarrow Hall, a fine Georgian brick building of ~1800 and houses other exhibitions and a cafe!


The herb garden of Jarrow Hall.



My HOMEPAGE for Newcastle Upon Tyne, County Durham and NorthumbriaHOMEPAGE for all of Phil and Molly's PicsSee also 31b. St Paul's Church and Monastery, Jarrow

and 28. Sunderland (2) St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth

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