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 21. A Northumberland Cheviots Circular walk from Careyburn Bridge to Broadstruther

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The curlew emblem of the Northumberland National Park

The walking in the Cheviots is much to be recommended - beautiful views, and, unlike the Lake District, few people around and the large expanses of heather and much less bracken that expected made this a really good trip of discovery to this part of north Northumberland.

Looking south from Careyburn Bridge. You go over the bridge and fork right up Snear Hill.


Looking west up the Carey Burn between Snear Hill (left) and Hart Heugh (right), there is a path that goes up on the right through the V shaped gap to Broadstruther.


Looking south from Careyburn Bridge.


Looking back down to Carey Burn Bridge whilst ascending the north-west side of Snear Hill - a good track which doesn't actually go over the very top.


Hart Heugh on the right and Carey Burn is out of sight down in the V shaped valley.


Black-faced sheep are only company for the first few hours.


The northern slopes of Snear Hill, a few Scots Pine on the left.


The views all round are great on this circular walk - you can just see the sea in the far distance!


Lots of purple heather (bell and ling)


The beautiful purple heather (ling and bell heather) provide a suitable foreground for the distant Cheviot.


A most beautiful walk with the "Cheviot" itself in the distance - the highest peak of the Cheviot Hills.






The white smudge of Broadstruther in the distance.




Coming down to hazelly Burn, on the lower left beyond the stream is an old enclosure and above on the right is the cottage of Broadstruther.


Looking back down the track with the slopes of Snear Hill and Cold Law on the right.


The few trees that give Broadstruther a little shelter from the north winds.


The cottage seems well kept but nobody seems to live there.


Several paths diverge from Broadstruther.


The patchwork of heather management.


A good picnic spot.


Heading down west from Broadstruther to the footbridge (ford marked on OS map) over the Carey Burn.


The footbridge north over Carey Burn. If you follow along by the stream there is a path (permissive way) that is on the left of Carey Burn (above) which leads directly to Careyburn Bridge - but we were unnecessarily diverted not knowing about the permitted path which you can actually see in the far distance above the river and just below the tree-line just left of centre.


Looking down towards Careyburn Bridge through the V shaped gap between Hart Heugh and Snear Hill. There is a path down to Careyburn Bridge just above the rive BUT we missed it!


i.d. ???


Instead we ended up going over Hart Heugh, well above Carey Burn, but beautiful heather!


Looking south-west towards Broadstruther.


Looking west down Hart Heugh.


Heading down from Hart Heugh through the dreaded bracken towards Skirl Naked (the distant farm left of centre). You actually pass over the top between the highest point of Hart Heugh on your right and a cairn topped 2nd 'summit' on your left.


Careyburn Bridge is on the far left of centre.




Careyburn Bridge almost in sight (behind the trees left of centre).


The track curves right up to Broadstruther but we go left to Careyburn Bridge - this is the one we missed coming down on ....


.... here shown heading up the V valley between Snear Fell and Hart Heugh.


Carey Burn just before it becomes Coldgate Water below Careyburn Bridge.


Careyburn Bridge and the car parking space just east of the bridge.


The stile on the left leads to the westerly path up to Broadstruther or the northerly path to Wooler Common.



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