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15. A Clockwise Walk around Rydal Water and Grasmere Lake

and the Coffin Route from Grasmere to Rydal Mount

English Lake District, Cumbria (ex Cumberland/Westmorland)

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Lots of great walking, if not always the best of weather at different times of the year!

The Coffin Walk Route from Grasmere to Rydal Mount

but the coffins went from Rydal to Grasmere!


The church in Grasmere

In days gone by coffins were carried from Rydal to the church in Grasmere. This route incorporates the 'Coffin Route Walk' in reverse. Looking west from near Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Centre across the flat valley in which Grasmere rests. You pick up the path to Rydal Mount near Dove Cottage east of Grasmere village.


Heading east from above Grasmere near Dove Cottage.



We actually started the clockwise walk started from the White Moss Walks car park, below where this picture was taken across Grasmere water (from Coffin Route path). BUT, equally you can start the walk from Grasmere near Dove Cottage, east of Grasmere (see above).


First view of Rydal Water - from looking down on Grasmere you now overlook Rydal water as you head for Rydal.




Up on the left is Nab Scar



A view of distant fells in winter on the Coffin Trail.


A friendly robin on the Coffin Trail walk which was amazingly tame and enjoyed being fed, evolution with respect to tourism?


The coin tree 'stump', lots of coins hammered into an old dead tree.



Rydal Water


In the depths of winter there is quite an atmosphere on the 'Coffin Walk'!



The track along Rydal Water



The similar scene in mid-winter



A typical larger Lakeland cottage at Rydal.


Rydal Mount, the family home of the Wordsworth family in Rydal


Rydal Mount was Wordsworth's family home for 37 years from 1813 to his death in 1850. Here the poet composed and revised many poems including 'Daffodils' in 1815. The garden of Rydal Mount was landscaped in the Romantic style by Wordsworth. Rydal Mount is still owned by William Wordsworth's direct descendendants and still used as a Wordsworth family home.


St Mary's Church, Rydal where the coffin route starts.


The tower of St Mary's Church, Rydal, next to 'Dora's Field', managed by the National Trust


The stained glass windows of St Mary's Church


A description of Rydal Hall and cafe is on another page, but you can still stop at the cafe!


The Rydal Lodge Hotel, down the road from Rydal Mount


At this point you can take a track from Rydal Hall to Ambleside and catch the bus back to Grasmere or White Moss Walks car park.

Digression - the track from Rydal to Ambleside

Its a really pleasant short walk along a good track from Rydal to Ambleside


Just coming into Grasmere with a bus from Windermere to Ambleside and Keswick

Back to the Grasmere and Rydal Water circular walk

The Glen Rothay Hotel and Badger Bar, at the west end of Rydal Water, and the footbridge below it to continue the walk on the other side of Rydale Water.



Some winter scenes have been added to the Rydal to Grasmere walk on the southern banks of Rydal Water and Grasmere lake.


A winter scene over Grasmere


Looking down Rydal Water from Steps End


Looking back towards Rydal as the weather worsened!


Coming to the end of Rydal Water, looking towards Loughrigg Fell in the distance left ....


The north side of Loughrigg Fell in winter, the clear path goes along Loughrigg Terrace.


... and looking across to the lake of Grasmere



Looking across Grasmere to Grasmere !


The footbridge to cross over the river linking Grasmere and Rydal Water


Lake Grasmere




Zoom across to Grasmere village


The weir ???


Deerbolts Wood


Looking across Grasmere to Lake Grasmere


Grasmere in winter






First sight of Grasmere Village




Grasmere by Grasmere !


Grasmere village in mid-winter



The view of Grasmere when walking over from Elterwater. The next five images portray the descent down to Grasmere Lake.

See walking around Elterwater


Going down through Hammerscar Plantation





A 'moody' view of Grasmere lake and village


Coming back into Grasmere from the Coffin Trail walk.


Passing through Grasmere (see also page 02a and 02b)

The river in Grasmere


A quick glimpse of a heron before returning to White Moss Walks car park by Rydal water


Rydal Water from the main road A591 between Grasmere and Rydal.


Two adjacent species of keen fishermen on Rydal Water!




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