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5. Rievaulx Abbey near Helmsley


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Rievaulx Abbey, managed by English Heritage, is wonderful ruin to visit.


The view of Rievaulx Abbey from the outside tables of the cafe.



The view of Rievaulx Abbey as you walk up the path from the entrance.


Rievaulx Abbey is quite magnificent in a beautiful rural setting in Ryedale, North Yorkshire


On the right is the great presbytery.

The amazing high and grand stonework of the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey near Helmsley built by Cistercian monks from 1132 onwards and now the remains are looked after by English Heritage. It was the first Cistercian outpost in the North of England.


The refectory of Rievaulx Abbey


Rievaulx Abbey near Helmsley

On the left the end of the refectory.

Many monks were recruited under the leadership of Abbot Ailred between 1147 and 1167.


Some of the high arches of Rievaulx Abbey still remain upright!


Rievaulx Abbey near Helmsley

Rievaulx Abbey's great cloister is of Aelred's time but most of the abbey buildings seen today are later and the big refectory and extended presbytery date from ~1200 and are much more elaborate in design the austerity shown by the earlier Cistercian builders.


On the left is the south transept of Rievaulx Abbey



Rievaulx Abbey

The Cistercian monks first arrived in Rievaulx in 1113.


Some of the magnificent vaulting of Rievaulx Abbey


Rievaulx Abbey

The abbey was founded by St Bernard of Clairvaux and 12 Clairvaux monks came to Rievaulx in 1132.


Three tiers of stonework of Rievaulx Abbey


A peaceful setting for a picnic, and very appropriate, since they sit below the end of the magnificent refectory!

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The east end of Rievaulx Abbey




View south-east to the exterior of the nave






The northeast external view of the presbytery of Rievaulx Abbey


Refectory on the left, distant right the presbytery.










Looking down where the nave of Rievaulx Abbey was.


Looking west from where the crossing of Rievaulx Abbey was.




The cloister quadrangle of Rievaulx Abbey



One of the finely carved pillars of Rievaulx Abbey








The presbytery viewed through the ruins.








Some of the old decorated medieval tiles from Rievaulx Abbey.


A good external view of the refectory of Rievaulx Abbey


The water supply system that runs right through Rievaulx Abbey



The Rievaulx Abbey Museum and Display Centre

A general view of Rievaulx Abbey from by the museum garden.


The current picture of the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey.


The Museum of Rievaulx Abbey

The role of St Benedict, the role of the Abbot of Rievaulx Abbey


The life of novices and monks in Rievaulx Abbey


How Rievaulx Abbey was built - the work of the stone masons, use of cranes, pulleys and scaffolding at Rievaulx Abbey


Curious animal carvings from Rievaulx Abbey ...


... weird looking curious human figures from Rievaulx Abbey


Left: A 12th century sandstone corbel to support a roof timber, sculptured as a face with a coloured tongue, a simple carving from the original Rievaulx Abbey church building.

Right: Another sandstone corbel from the 13th century Rievaulx Abbey, fashioned in the shape of an Old Testament prophet

Heads from the 15th century



A quern from 13th-15th century Rievaulx Abbey.




Decorated pottery fragments from Rievaulx Abbey.


A roof boss?


The 14th century 'Windmill Frieze' from Rievaulx Abbey.


Chessmen found at Rievaulx Abbey, dating from the 11th-12th century.


The new cafe and gift shop of Rievaulx Abbey, built in 2017?

You can take refreshment to eat from the counter and take spiritual refreshment by looking out of the window.


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