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3. The Main Square, Streets and Buildings near the Old Town Hall

Bratislava: The Main Square and the Old Town Hall  with its clock tower on the right and the Roland Fountain on the left. The Main Square is the real heart of the Old Town and most charming in the summer season. With its outdoor cafés, market stalls, trees in bloom and the steady trickle of the splendid Roland fountain. As well as the numerous cafes there are many beautifully renovated burghers’ houses around and the historical Gothic Old Town Hall which dates from the 14th century and built for the then mayor Jacob.


Bratislava: Cumil, a modern mascot of Bratislava by the sculptor Viktor Hulik in 1997.


Bratislava: You can walk through the pedestrianised Old Town and admire the variety of architectural styles of the beautifully reconstructed-restored palaces, churches, and town houses.


Bratislava: Statue of Hans Christian Andersen who described Bratislava as the 'most beautiful city in Europe'.


Bratislava: The fountains on the boulevard (Hviezdoslavovo Namestie) heading down to the Opera House.


Bratislava: A woman and lamb/sheep/goat? A sandstone statue memorial for? I seemed to have scribbled dated 1934-1942? Can anybody help me on this one? Can't find anything on the internet.


Bratislava: The Slovak National Theatre - The Opera House for ballet and concerts. - Slovenske Narodne Divadlo, Hviezdoslavovo Namestie - Old Town. This beautiful Neo-renaissance building crowning Hviezdoslavovo square (namestie) is one of the few in the Old Town of Bratislava, that is still used for their original purpose. It is home to the finest Opera and Ballet performances. To attend them is the only way to see the splendid interior of the theatre. This “gem” of Bratislava architecture, designed by the Viennese architects F. Fellner and H. Helmer, was built between 1884 and 1886, in place of the original theatre of estates.


Bratislava: There are many beautifully restored Baroque houses and some older and more recent, but all look fine to the eye.


Cafes and shade for a leisurely approach to Bratislava.


Bratislava: Below is a series of four pictures of  houses in Kapitulska street near the cathedral in which many of the houses are still being restored.






Bratislava: A large house just near the Cathedral and on the left are the few remains of the old city walls.


Bratislava: The streets and houses near the Cathedral - looking down Panska street with a group of tourist on a guided tour of the wonderful Old Town of Bratislava.



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