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2. St Martin's Cathedral

Bratislava: The original church was built in the 13th century. St martin's cathedral with its steep sloping red tiled roof was the coronation church for Hungarian kings and queens from 1536 to 1830. Maria Theresa of Austria is crowned Queen Regnant of Hungary in  St. Martin's Cathedral on 25th June 1741. This gothic cathedral replaced or was built out of an older Romanesque church. The gothic tower has had a dome added in the 16th century?


Bratislava: The south-west corner of St Martin's Cathedral with fragments of older stonework. The bulk of the present late Gothic building was begun in 1311 but only completed by 1452.




Bratislava Cathedral: The modern sculpture below the Cathedral entrance - can't find out anything about it? but, thanks to an email from Sol in Caracas, Venezuela, who.  informs be that the sculpture near St. Martin's Cathedral in Bratislava is a monument to the Neolog Synagogue that was located there, next to the Cathedral for centuries and that was demolished by the Communists in the 70s to build the rampart and the new bridge.



Bratislava Cathedral: The east end of St Martins.


Bratislava: To the east of St martin's cathedral is the statue to the poet Jan Holly (1785-1849) who was a notable Slovak National Activist.


Bratislava Cathedral: Looking eastwards down the nave to the high altar.


Bratislava Cathedral: The wonderful Gothic architecture of the chancel arch, chancel, windows and high altar.




Bratislava Cathedral: The beautiful stonework of the rib vaulting of the nave.




Bratislava Cathedral: The great equestrian Baroque statue of St Martin sharing his cloak with a beggar. The figure is the work of the sculptor Georg Rafael Doner in 1744.


Bratislava Cathedral: The roof vaulting below the tower of St Martin's cathedral.


Bratislava Cathedral: Some of the magnificent stained glass windows in the Cathedral.



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