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1. Bratislava Castle and Views of the River Danube

The 'ugly' motorway modern view approach to the very beautiful restored city of Bratislava (Pressburg).


Bratislava: The modern road suspension bridge over the River Danube at Bratislava. From this side of the river by the bridge you can find steps up to the Castle - not a long walk, but steep! This Novy Most (New Bridge) connects Petralzka with Bratislava Old Town and the upper part of the main support columns on the left houses the 'UFO'! restaurant.


Bratislava: Left: The column and statue of the Holy Trinity from the 18th century in thanksgiving for the end of the plague in 1710-1711.

Bratislava: Right: Some fine graffiti on the bridge over the River Danube on the way up Castle Hill.


Bratislava: The four cornered towers of Bratislava Castle high up on the hill above the Old Town. There has been a castle on the hill-ridge overlooking the River  Danube since the 10th century. In the mid-13th century the Mongols failed to conquer the castle. Around 1536 Bratislava became part of the Hapsburg Empire.


Bratislava: Looking up one of the narrow medieval Old Town streets in the direction of the hill on which the castle stands.


Bratislava: You pass through the medieval-gothic Sigmund's Gate to enter the Castle grounds.


Bratislava: Some of the defensive walls below the Castle.


Bratislava: Looking down onto the River Danube and the modern road bridge from near the entrance to the castle grounds.


Bratislava: The original medieval castle has been much rebuilt and enlarged. As they are doing extensive restoration work you can see some of the old medieval walls in the lower courses of stone.


Bratislava: There are fine views of Bratislava from the castle hill.


Bratislava: Looking down from Bratislava Castle to the Old Town and St Martin's Cathedral. In the distance is the great arch of the Apollo Bridge (Most Apollo) of 2005.





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