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washing powder : 

washing soda - see sodium carbonate

waste disposal/problems : GCSE plastics-problems : GCSE-AS radioactive waste

water, H2O(l)tests for : GCSE water cycle-treatment-purification-pollution-colloids-hard/soft water : GCSE-KS3 solubility of substances-solubility curvesGCSE reaction with metals-reactivity series : GCSE reaction with Alkali Metals : ADVANCED reaction with s-block Gp1/Gp2 metals : GCSE electrolysis : GCSE-AS molecule-bonding : GCSE pollution problem with fertiliser overuseADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

water of crystallisation : GCSE-AS explained-determination-calculation of % or formulaADVAN anhydrous-hydrated-water of crystallisation explained :

wax : GCSE oil fuel products

weak acids/bases/alkalis : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) examples-explainedADVANCED detailed advanced theory notes and calculations (use sub-index 5. near top of page) :

weathering : GCSE Earth Science-physical/chemical

websites - external links from this site : a selection of other interesting chemistry websites :

Wegener's theory : GCSE Earth Science-continental drift

wine : 

WJEC Welsh exam board : GCSE Science-Chemistry support-help links

wood : 

word equations - see equations 

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