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R/S isomerism : ADVANCED R-S stereoisomerism (optical isomerism/enantiomerism)

racemates : ADVANCED R-S stereoisomerism (optical isomerism/enantiomerism)

radiation-radioactivity/alpha/beta/gamma/background etc. : GCSE-AS index of detailed notes

radicals, free : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) explained via ozone destruction : ADVANCED explained with links to free radical mechanisms

radicals, inorganic : Tests for inorganic radicals

radioactive isotopes/materials : KS3-GCSE hazard warning sign/symbolGCSE-AS detailed notes

radioactive tracers : GCSE-AS examples of use

radioactivity : GCSE-AS detailed notes on origin/properties/uses etc.a series of GCSE word-fillsGCSE crossword

radiocarbon dating (14C, carbon-14 isotope) dating : GCSE-GCE Dating by radioactive isotope decay :

radioisotopes : GCSE-AS detailed notes on properties/manufacture and uses

radium, Ra : : ADVANCED detailed notes s-block Gp 1/2 elements/compounds : ADVANCED data-graphs Gps 1/2 : : GCSE-ADVANCED data :

radon, Rn, in Group 0/8 The Noble Gases : GCSE-properties-dangers : ADVANCED data :

rate constant/rate expression : ADVANCED kinetics-rates of reaction

rates of reaction - kinetics : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) particle collision theory notes on experiment methods/factors - concentration/pressure/temperature/surface area/catalyst/stirring/light : GCSE m/c quizADVANCED theory - temperature/catalyst mechanisms/rate expressions/orders of reactionADVANCED simple rate calculations

reactants : KS3-GCSE of a chemical reaction - examples explained

reacting mass-moles/conservation of mass calculations: GCSE-AS basic examples-Quiz (NOT moles) : GCSE-AS more difficult examples NOT moles) : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) introducing mole calculations

reacting volumes : GCSE-AS examples of calculations/quizzes - gas - molar volume or ratio of reacting volumes of gases or molarity of solutions or  acid-alkali titrations :  

reactions of alkalis-bases : KS3-GCSE examples - general chemistry

reaction profile : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) rates of reaction notes : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) energy changesADVANCED organic mechanisms : ADVANCED catalytic mechanisms

reactions/properties of ... : KS3-GCSE acids-examples-general chemistry  : GCSE Group 1 Alkali metals : GCSE Group 7 Halogens : GCSE Transition metals : GCSE Acids and Alkalis : GCSE metals-reactivity series with O2/H2O/acids/displacements : ADVANCED s-block Groups 1-2 detailed notes

reaction types : KS3-GCSE-ADVAN(basic) lots of descriptions of different types of reactions and chemical processes :

reactivity series of metals : GCSE detailed notes on reactions with oxygen (air)/water/acids/salt solutions-displacement : GCSE connection with simple cell or battery-basic design and explanationGCSE Gp1 Alkali Metals trend/explanation : GCSE structured Q worksheet : : GCSE word-fill worksheet on reactivity : GCSE word-fill worksheets on rustingGCSE Gp1/2 Alkali/Alkaline Earth Metals trend/explanation

real gas behaviour (non-ideal): ADVANCED Ideal & non-ideal real gas behaviour, Van der Waals equation :

recycling : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) of iron/steel, recycling aluminium, extraction of metals general points, chemical economics and recycling plastics/polymers :  

red-shift : GCSE The Big Bang Theory of the Universe, the red-shift

redox (reduction and oxidation) : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) as type of reaction : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) metal reactivity and other chemistryGCSE-ADVAN(basic) in metal extraction chemistry : GCSE-AS electrode equations : ADVANCED The principles of Redox Reactions - detailed notes-examplesADVANCED titration calculations ADVANCED the principles of redox equilibria, half-cell potentials etc. explained :

reduction : GCSE-AS as type of reaction : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) explanation-examples including metal reactivity and other chemistryGCSE-ADVAN(basic) in metal extraction chemistryGCSE-AS electrode equationsADVANCED detailed theory notes-examples on inorganic/organic redox reactions, oxidation state/number analysis, constructing equations from half-cell reactions (sub-indexes provided) :

reduction of ... : ADVANCED redox theory for alkenes, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, nitriles and nitro-aromatics-with method details :

refinery  gas : GCSE oil fuel products

reflux : ADVANCED in organic preparations :

reforming : ADVANCED heterogeneous catalyst-uses

relative atomic mass, Ar based on 12C scale : GCSE-AS definition-examples-calculations-QuizADVANCED  determination of relative atomic mass from mass spectrum of element :

relative formula mass, based on 12C scale : GCSE-AS definition-examples-calculations-Quiz

relative isotopic mass, based on 12C scale : ADVANCED definition-used in example of relative atomic mass calculation

relative molecular mass, Mr, based on 12C scale : GCSE-AS definition-examples-calculations-Quiz

renewable energy resourcesGCSE/AS - alternative energy resources : GCSE/AS biofuels alternative energy resources :

residues-amino acid : ADVANCED protein structure

respiration : GCSE-AS type of reaction

reversible/irreversible reactions : KS3-GCSE-AS as type of reactionGCSE-AS examples explained

Revision notes for : KS3 Chemistry : GCSE Chemistry, Earth Science : ADVANCED Chemistry : and all have links to quizzes/worksheets etc. if available.

rhenium, Re :

rhodium, Rh : ADVANCED heterogeneous catalyst :

rock cycle : KS3 m/c Quiz : GCSE notes-diagrams : GCSE m/c Quiz Foundation or Higher

rock dating using radioisotopes : GCSE-AS detailed Radioactivity notes

rock types : KS3 m/c Quiz : GCSE types-notes-diagrams : GCSE m/c Quiz Foundation or Higher

roentgen : unit of radioactivity

R/S isomerism : ADVANCED R-S stereoisomerism - chirality - chiral centres of molecules (optical isomerism/enantiomerism)

rubidium and compounds, Rb, in  Group 1 The Alkali Metals: GCSE-data-properties-chemical reactions : GCSE-reactivity-reactions involving oxygen/water/acids/displacement : ADVANCED data : ADVANCED detailed notes on elements/compounds : info-links to other websites

rules on? : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) electron arrangementGCSE-ADVAN(basic) equilibrium position

rusting (corrosion) : GCSE chemistry of iron rusting and its prevention

ruthenium, Ru :

Rutherford-Marsden, early 20th C scientists : GCSE-AS model of atom - alpha particle scattering by nucleus expt.

Rutherfordium, Rf :


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