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ibuprofen : GCSE extra organic chemistry

Ideal Gas behaviour/equation: ADVANCED Ideal & non-ideal real gas behaviour, P-V-T and PV=nRT gas calculations :

igneous rocks : GCSE Earth Science notes :

ignition, ease of, flammability : GCSE Oil Products

immiscible liquids : KS3-GCSE separation described : KS3-GCSE explained-examples-particle picture : ADVANCED solute distribution between two immiscible liquids, partition coefficient , calculations and uses : ADVANCED solubility of organic compounds (Equilibria section 8.7) :

immobilization : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) methods/advantages of enzymes :

impure : GCSE-KS3 explained-examples

inks : inks as an example of the science of formulation chemistry :

incineration : GCSE burning plastics

incomplete combustion : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) burning oil products-hydrocarbon-fossil fuels-pollution

indicators (acids-alkalis-salts-pH) : KS3-GCSE examples-universal/litmus etc.ADVANCED examples and advanced theory of acid-base indicators, pKind calculations, pH curves :

industrial processes : GCSE-AS Haber Synthesis of ammonia : GCSE-AS Contact Process for sulphuric acid : GCSE-AS fractional distillation/cracking oil : GCSE-AS Metal extraction Al, Cr, Cu, Fe, Na, Zn : GCSE chemical economics : GCSE-AS electrolysis of brine

inert gases : see Gp 0/8 Noble Gases

inhibition : ADVANCED enzyme-structure-function

initiation step : ADVANCED explained organic reaction mechanismsADVANCED free radical chlorination/cracking reaction mechanisms :

indium, In : position and group in periodic table :  

incomplete combustion : KS3-GCSE-AS air pollution from motor vehicles

indicators for pH : KS3-GCSE examples : GCSE in acid-alkali titrations : ADVANCED acid-base pKind examples explained (also use top sub-index) :

infra-red spectroscopy - instrumental method of analysis : GCSE a few comments and examples : ADVANCED problem solving

inhibition : ADVANCED enzyme-structure-function

inks : Formulation chemistry -inks :

initiation step : ADVANCED organic mechanisms

inorganic/organic compounds compared : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) definition & examples :

inorganic chemistry : ADVANCED notes

insoluble (and salt preparations) : GCSE-KS3 word explained and examples or e.g. in salt purificationGCSE insoluble salt preparation examples

instantaneous/transient dipole-induced dipole forces (Van der Waals forces) : ADVANCED effect on vapour pressure and boiling point of organic compoundsADVANCED In protein-enzyme structure :

instrumental methods of analysis : GCSE a few general comments and examples

intermolecular forces : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) explained : ADVANCED In protein structure : ADVANCED Ideal and non-ideal real gas behaviour : ADVANCED effect on vapour pressure and boiling points of inorganic/organic molecules - detailed discussion :

intramolecular forces : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) explained

intrusive igneous rocks : GCSE Earth Science

iodides, I- (and chlorides, fluorides, bromides) : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) general chemistry, properties, uses : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) bonding, structure, propertiesTests for iodides :  

iodination of.. : ADVANCED of propanone-kinetics-mechanism : ADVANCED organic Mechanisms III aldehydes/ketonesADVANCED structure/naming iodo-ketones

iodine and compounds, I, I2(s) in Group 7 The Halogens : GCSE-data-properties-chemical reactions-uses : ADVAN-dataGCSE-AS molecule-bonding :

iodoalkanes (haloalkanes, halogenoalkanes, e.g. alkyl halides, RX, X=Cl, Br, I) : ADVANCED structure and naming : ADVANCED chemical tests for : ADVANCED naming m/c Quiz : ADVANCED type in name Quiz

ion exchange (use of ion exchange resins/polymers) : GCSE-AS purifying/softening water : ADVANCED equilibrium, examples of uses :

ionic bonding : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) detailed notesADVANCED In protein-enzyme structure

ionic equations : GCSE-ADVANCED explained-examples : GCSE-AS acid-base ionic equations : GCSE-AS precipitation reactions in preparing insoluble salts : GCSE-AS metal reactivity displacement reactions : GCSE-AS in metal extractionGCSE-ADVANCED chemical Tests

ionic half equations : GCSE-AS in electrolysis (links to industrial processes) : ADVANCED volumetric redox calculations

ionic radius : ADVANCED explained : GCSE-ADVANCED groups1/2 Alkali/Alkaline Earth Metal data : GCSE-ADVANCED group 7 Halogen data : GCSE-ADVANCED transition Metal data (Sc-Zn, 3d block)

ionic theory - acids/bases-alkalis/neutral/pH : GCSE general ideas : GCSE more acid-base theory - history

ionic valency : GCSE-AS explained-examples : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) ionic bonding

ionisation/ionization energies (explained) values of ... : ADVANCED notes on ionisation energy patterns : ADVANCED groups1/2 Alkali/Alkaline Earth Metal data : ADVANCED group 0/18 Noble Gas data : ADVANCED group 7 Halogen data : ADVANCED transition Metal data (Sc-Zn, 3d block) : Plots of 1st ionisation energy: Z = 1 to 20 plots * Z = 1 to 38 plots * Z = 1 to 96 plots * DATA

ionisation of acids/bases : ADVANCED examples and calculations (use 5. sub-index  near top of page :

ions - electrolytes - conduction - electrolysis : GCSE-AS introduction-explained-examples : 

ions - ionic bonding : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) explained-examplesGCSE-AS valencyADVANCED electron configuration :

iridium Ir :

iron, Fe : GCSE-reactivity-reactions involving oxygen/water/acids/displacement : GCSE chemistry of rusting and its prevention : GCSE-AS extraction and recycling iron & steel : GCSE uses of Transition Metals : GCSE use as catalyst in Haber synthesis of ammonia : ADVANCED heterogeneous catalyst : ADVANCED data : ADVANCED detailed notes 3d-block Transition Metals : ADVANCED notes on Iron :

iron(II) ion, Fe2+(aq) : ADVANCED volumetric titration estimation, calculations using potassium manganate(VII) : GCSE-ADVANCED test for (choose from alphabetical list) : ADVANCED oxidation of examples 6.3/6.4/6.5 : ADVANCED detailed notes iron 3d-block Transition Metals :Tests for cations - use top index :

iron(III) ion, Fe3+(aq) : GCSE-ADVANCED test for (choose from alphabetical list)ADVANCED oxidation H2S : ADVANCED detailed notes iron 3d-block Transition Metals :Tests for cations - use top index : A Level Iron Chemistry Notes :

iron(III) oxide, Fe2O3(s) : GCSE-AS haematite ore-extraction of iron : KS3-GCSE-AS rusting of ironKS3-GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) Thermit reaction : ADVANCED detailed notes iron 3d-block Transition Metals : A Level Iron Chemistry Notes :

irritant : KS3-GCSE hazard warning sign/symbol-meaning

irreversible/reversible : KS3-GCSE-AS type of reaction : ADVANCED enzyme-inhibition

isomerase - enzyme use : GCSE use of enzymes

isomeric products : ADVANCED explained for organic reaction- links to mechanisms

isomerism/isomers : GCSE extra organic chemistryADVANCED detailed notes-examples of chain, positional, functional group isomerism and tautomerism : ADVANCED working out isomers of alkanes : ADVANCED via links to homologous series

isomerisation : ADVANCED heterogeneous catalyst-uses : ADVANCED types of isomerism

isotactic poly(propene) : ADVANCED stereoregular-atactic/isotactic/syndiotactic

isotopes : GCSE-AS definition-examples-atomic structure : GCSE-AS detailed notes on properties/manufacture and uses of radioisotopes

isotopic mass, relative : ADVANCED definition-used in example of relative atomic mass calculation


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