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gadolinium, Gd : : 

gallium, Ga : position and group in periodic table :  

galvanising : KS3-GCSE-AS as type of process in rust protectionGCSE metal reactivity-corrosion-rust prevention

gamma radiation/rays : GCSE-AS properties/uses/dangers etc. in detailed Radioactivity notes :   

gas-liquid chromatography (glc)/chromatograph/chromatogram - instrumental method of analysis : GCSE-AS gas-liquid chromatography - diagram and analysis explained

gas-natural-fossil fuel : GCSE oil product fuels

gas pressure/volume/temperatureGCSE-ADVANCED P-V-T gas calculations, Boyle's/Charles Laws, PV=nRT :

gas syringe : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) rates of reaction methodKS3-GCSE-AS gas preparation-collection

gas volume calculations : GCSE-AS mole based examples-Quiz : GCSE-AS Avogadro's Law - reacting volume ratio examples-QuizGCSE-AS electrolysis productsGCSE-ADVANCED P-V-T gas calculations :

gases : KS3-GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) kinetic particle theory/ properties/diagrams : GCSE-AS gas preparations and collectionsGCSE gas-liquid-solid m/c Quiz : KS3-GCSE-ADVANCED identity tests for

gasoline : GCSE oil product fuelsGCSE-AS fuel survey ideas

Gay-Lussac's Law on reacting gas volumes & calculations : GCSE-AS reacting volume ratio examples-Quiz : : GCSE-ADVANCED Gas calculations :

Geiger-Muller counter/probe : GCSE-AS detecting radioactivity

gel - in water : GCSE example explained

general formula - organic chemistry - homologous series :GCSE extra organic chemistry : ADVANCED organic homologous series - functional groups summary

geological earth science : KS3 m/c Quiz : GCSE notes : GCSE foundation m/c Quiz : GCSE higher m/c Quiz

geometric/geometrical isomerism (now called E/Z isomerism) : ADVANCED definition-detailed notes-examples of E-Z isomerism-stereoisomerism

germanium, Ge : position and group in periodic table : GCSE-AS metalloid/semi-metal use note :  

giant molecules : GCSE-AS covalent bonding notes :

giant structures : GCSE-AS covalent examples and propertiesGCSE-AS ionic lattice examples and propertiesGCSE-AS metallic lattice examples and properties

Gibbs free energy, see free energy above

glass : GCSE manufactureGCSE coloured with transition metal compounds

glazing pottery : GCSE coloured with transition metal compounds

glc/gas-liquid chromatography/chromatograph/chromatogram - instrumental method of analysis : GCSE-AS gas-liquid chromatography - diagram and analysis explained

global warming/climate change/Greenhouse effect : GCSE Greenhouse effect, causes, effects and what we can do? : GCSE more on CO2/temperature data graphs and discussion points :

global dimming : GCSE compared with global warming :

glucose - natural molecule : GCSE structure

glues : GCSE thermosetting polymers

glycerol : GCSE extra organic chemistry

glycine : GCSE extra organic chemistry

gneiss - metamorphic rock : GCSE formation

gold, Au : GCSE-reactivity-reactions involving oxygen/water/acids/displacement  :

Gore-Tex : Materials science - GORE-TEX :

Graham's Law of diffusion : GCSE-ADVANCED explained - gas calculations :

granite - igneous rock : KS3-GCSE rock formation

graphene : Structure, properties and uses of graphene :

graphic/graphical formula : ADVANCED explained using alkane examples : ADVANCED explained-examples-links homologous series

graphite, allotrope of carbon : GCSE-AS bonding/structure/properties

graphs - rates of reaction : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) notes on rates of reaction dataADVANCED theory-analysis

gray : unit of radioactivity

Greenhouse effect/global warming/climate change : GCSE Greenhouse effect, causes, effects and what we can do? : GCSE more on CO2/temperature data graphs and discussion points :

Group of the Periodic Table structure : GCSE explanation-examplesADVANCED Important trends down Groups :

Group 1 The Alkali Metals Li, Na, K etc.: GCSE-data-properties-trends-chemical reactions-uses : GCSE-position in metal reactivity series : GCSE-position in the Periodic Table : ADVANCED-data : ADVANCED detailed notes : AS basic m/c Group 1-1 Quiz : Flame test for alkali metals :

Group 2 The Alkaline Earth Metals Be, Mg, Ca etc. : GCSE-position in metal reactivity series : GCSE-position in the Periodic Table : ADVANCED-data : ADVANCED detailed notes :AS basic m/c Group 1-1 Quiz : Flame test for alkaline earth metals :

Group 3 : ADVANCED Group 3/13 boron and aluminium :

Group 4 : ADVANCED Group 4/14 carbon and silicon :

Group 5 : ADVANCED Group 5/15 nitrogen and phosphorus :

Group 6 : ADVANCED Group 6/16 oxygen and sulfur :

Group 7/17 The Halogens F, Cl, Br, I etc. : GCSE-data-properties-trends-chemical reactions-uses : GCSE-position in the Periodic Table : ADVANCED Inorganic Chemistry Part 9 - Introduction, trends & Group 7/17 Halogens data * 9.2 Halogen displacement reaction and reactivity trend  * 9.3 Reactions of halogens with other elements * 9.4 Reaction between halide salts and conc. sulfuric acid * 9.5 Tests for halogens and halide ions * 9.6 Extraction of halogens from natural sources * 9.7 Uses of halogens & compounds * 9.8 Oxidation & Reduction - more on redox reactions of halogens & halide ions * 9.9 Volumetric analysis - titrations involving halogens or halide ions * 9.10 Ozone, CFC's and halogen organic chemistry links * 9.11 Chemical bonding in halogen compounds * 9.12 Miscellaneous aspects of halogen chemistry

Group 0/18 The Noble Gases He, Ne, Ar etc. : GCSE-properties-trends-uses : GCSE-position in the Periodic Table : ADVANCED data :

Group trends physical/chemical properties : GCSE Gp 1 alkali Metals : GCSE Gp 7 Halogens : ADVANCED Gp1/2 Notes on Alkali/Alkaline Earth metals :

gypsum, calcium sulphate : GCSE ??


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