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back titrations ADVANCED principle explained :

background radiation - radioactivity : GCSE-AS detailed notes - types/sources-natural/artificial :   

bacteria GCSE killed by chlorine : GCSE nitrifying : GCSE denitrifying : 

balancing equations : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) examples : GCSE m/c quiz

barium and compounds, Ba, in Group 2 : ADVANCED detailed notes s-block Gp 1/2 elements/compounds : ADVANCED data-graphs Gps 1/2 : ADVANCED data :

barium hydroxide, Ba(OH)2 (see also barium above) : ADVANCED volumetric titrations :

basalt - igneous rock : KS3-GCSE rock formation

base/acid ionisation/dissociation constantADVANCED detailed advanced theory notes and calculations (use sub-index 5. near top of page) :

bases-alkalis-acids-salts-pH : KS3 easy quiz : GCSE examples-general chemistry : GCSE foundation m/c Quiz : GCSE higher m/c Quiz : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) acid-base theoryADVANCED examples - advanced theory of acids and bases (use the 5. sub-index  near top of page) :

basic oxideGCSE definition-examples

batch/continuous process (chemical industry) : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic idea) explained-examples

batteries/cells : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) simple design- explanation-fuel cellsGCSE car-use of sulphuric acidADVANCED the principles of cells-batteries explained (use top 7. sub-index) :

bauxite ore : GCSE aluminium-electrolysis-extraction  : 

becquerel : unit of radioactivity

beer : GCSE fermentation

bent (angular) shaped molecules/ions : ADVANCED molecule shape, pictures, bond angles, ox diagrams

benzene, C6H6ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle :

benzoic acid,C6H5COOH, (benzenecarboxylic acid) : ADVANCED structure and naming of aromatics : ADVANCED structure and naming of carboxylic acids and derivatives :

beryllium and compounds, Be, in Group 2 : ADVANCED detailed notes s-block Gp 1/2 elements/compounds : ADVANCED data-graphs Gps 1/2 : ADVANCED data :

beryllium chloride BeCl2 : ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

beryllium hydride BeH2 : ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

beta particle radiation : GCSE-AS mass/charge/properties/uses/dangers etc. in detailed Radioactivity notes :   

'bicarbonate of soda' or 'bicarb' : see sodium hydrogencarbonate

Big Bang Theory : GCSE The Big Bang Theory of the Universe, the red-shift and microwave background radiation

'bimolecular' : ADVANCED explained for kinetics/organic reaction mechanismsADVANCED kinetics-rate expressions

biodegradable (or not!) GCSE oil products - plastics

biodiesel : GCSE/Advanced(basic) bioethanol biodiesel :

bioethanol : GCSE/Advanced(basic) bioethanol biodiesel :

biofuels : GCSE/Advanced(basic) bioethanol biodiesel :

bioleaching : GCSE extraction copper :

biological catalysts (biotechnology-enzymes) : GCSE-AS examples-uses-rates of reaction factorsGCSE-AS industrial uses of enzymes

biology - KS3 : KS3 science quiz index : KS3 biology Q's : KS3 chemistry Q's : KS3 physics Q's

biotechnology : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) enzymes-examples-uses-rates of reaction factorsADVANCED enzyme structure/function : ADVANCED enzyme kinetics

bismuth, Bi :

bitumen : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) Oil Products

blast furnace : GCSE-AS extraction of iron

bleach : GCSE-AS uses of chlorine

blood : GCSE carbon monoxide poisoning

bohrium, Bh :  : 

boiling (physical state change) and boiling point : KS3-GCSE explained : GCSE Group 1 Alkali Metal data : ADVANCED Groups1/2 Alkali/Alkaline Earth Metal data : GCSE Group 0/8 Noble Gas data : ADVANCED Group 0/8 Noble Gas data : GCSE Group 7 Halogen data : ADVANCED Group 7 Halogen data : GCSE-ADVANCED transition Metal data (Sc-Zn, 3d block) : GCSE-AS properties of ionic/covalent compoundsADVANCED effects of intermolecular forces on boiling point of covalent inorganic/organic compounds explained : ADVANCED boiling points of organic homologous series (Equilibria 8.3)Periodicity plots of boiling points Z = 1 to 20 plots * Z = 1 to 38 plots * Z = 1 to 96 plots * DATA

bomb calorimeter : ADVANCED thermodynamics Part 1 thermochemistry - enthalpies of reaction, formation, combustion :

bombardment of ... : GCSE-AS metal foil by alpha particles - scattering experiment : GCSE-AS atoms by neutrons in nuclear fission/radioisotope production :  

bond angles : GCSE covalent molecules : ADVANCED variety of inorganic/organic - molecules/ions - shape etc. analysed

bond enthalpy/breaking/energy/dissociation/making - calculations : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) exothermic/endothermic/simple calculations : GCSE m/c Quiz : ADVANCED bond energy values explained : ADVANCED bond energies for Gp7 Halogens X-X, H-X  and C-X : ADVANCED thermodynamics Part 1 thermochemistry - enthalpies of reaction, formation, combustion :

bond fission : ADVANCED types explained in organic mechanisms

bond polarity : ADVANCED significance explained in organic reaction mechanismsADVANCED effect on intermolecular forces in organic molecules :

bonding - covalent (small molecule, giant, polymers), ionic and metals-alloys : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) detailed notes on covalent/ionic/metallic (use sub-indexes) : GCSE m/c quiz harder or GCSE m/c quiz easier

boron, B : position and group in periodic table :

boron hydride, BH3ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

boron nitride : Nanochemistry - boron nitride :

boron trifluoride, BF3ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

bottled gas - oil product : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) oil-fractions-uses

Boyle's Law: GCSE-ADVANCED explained - gas calculations :

branching : of carbon chain in organic compounds

brass : GCSE composition and uses

brine, aqueous sodium chloride, NaCl(aq) : GCSE electrolysis of-uses of products

bromides, Br- (chlorides, fluorides, iodides) : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) general Group 7 Halogens chemistry, properties, uses : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) bonding, structure, propertiesTest for bromides :

bromine and compounds, Br, Br2(l) in Group 7 The Halogens : GCSE-data-properties-chemical reactions-uses : ADVAN-dataGCSE-AS molecule-bonding : : 

bromine in solvent/water, Br2(solvent/aq) : GCSE reaction with alkenesGCSE-AS test for alkenes

bromoalkanes (haloalkanes, halogenoalkanes, e.g. alkyl halides, RX, X=Cl, Br, I) : ADVANCED structure and naming : ADVANCED chemical tests for : ADVANCED naming m/c Quiz : ADVANCED type in name Quiz

bromoethane, C2H5Br : ADVANCED shape-bond angles :

bromonium/chloronium ion : ADVANCED explained in organic reaction mechanisms

bromothymol blue indicator (acids-alkalis-pH) : KS3-GCSE colours

Bronsted-Lowry : GCSE-AS theory of acids-basesacid-base/alkali theory : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic)ADVANCED detailed notes on Lewis and Bronsted-Lowry theories of acids-bases :

Brownian motion : GCSE-AS particle theory evidence

buffers ADVANCED principles, examples and calculations explained (sections 6.3 to 6.5, also use top sub-index) :

buckminster fullerene, bucky balls, allotrope of carbon : GCSE-AS structure and properties More on bucky balls :

burning-combustion : KS3-GCSE-AS as type of reactionGCSE oil fuel productsGCSE plastics

butane, C4H10(g) (oil product) : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) oil-fractions-usesADVANCED alkane structure and naming : ADVANCED intermolecular forces and boiling point of organic compounds

butanes, substituted butane : ADVANCED alkane structures and halogenoalkanes :

butanoic acid, CH3CH2CH2COOH(l,aq) : ADVANCED homologous series/functional groups : ADVANCED structure-names of carboxylic acid and derivatives

butanone : ADVANCED shape-bond angles

butenes : ADVANCED homologous series : ADVANCED examples


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