I'm happy to invite feasible suggestions, but implementation takes time!

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I'm happy to invite feasible suggestions, but implementation takes time!

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FEEDBACK and my RESPONSES (the latest feedbacks have the highest number)


1. Over the past 18 years I've had complaints about navigation and layout, mainly from UK GCSE science students.

1. There are ~1650 science pages to organise, not an easy task!

The top buttons highlight all the main areas - links to indexes. There are another set of overlapping links at the bottom of the page and also a Goggle search box (VERY USEFUL).

The GCSE syllabus revision summary pages for AQA, Edexcel and OCR sciences are all clearly indicated and these pages, and where available, have links to useful material distributed throughout them.

The notes plus diagrams are set out textbook style for online reading with plenty of sub-headings or bullet pointed paragraphs, you should have no problem scrolling down the pages.

Most of the detailed GCSE science notes are CHEMISTRY, the biology and physics notes are slowly developing!

Some pages are quite long, perhaps more 'internal links' on the page would help?

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