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Its a big SCIENCE WEBSITE to get to know!

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A science revision notes & quizzes e-learning website for chemistry, but includes some biology and physics too AND lots of revision summaries for ALL the current GCSE Sciences

1. KS3 Science KS3 SCIENCE biology-chemistry-physics QUIZZES (~US grade 6-8)

KS3 Biology  *  KS3 Chemistry  *  KS3 Physics  * Mixed KS3 Science Quizzes

2. KS4 Science GCSE/IGCSE/O Level CHEMISTRY notes and quizzes (~US grade 9-10)

Syllabus specification summaries AQA GCSE SCIENCES * EDEXCEL GCSE SCIENCES


GCSE Science : GCSE Additional Science : GCSE Separate Sciences

GCSE Biology : GCSE Chemistry : GCSE Physics

3. Advanced Level Chemistry A Level Chemistry Revision Notes (~US grade 11-12)

A Level Chemistry Questions  *  A Level Chemistry Syllabus-specification help links

Revision notes & quizzes for revising Science-CHEMISTRY online from the year 2000

ALL of this PRE-UNIVERSITY internet website CONTENT Dr Phil Brown 1999-2013

Year 13 A2 Advanced Level Salters Chemistry Students at Whitby Community College Year 13 January 2002

As far as I know, my website runs on all browsers, pc, laptop, notepad, netbooks, ipads, epad tablet, android and even the iphone - so I see no reason to write an app or apps for science - biology, chemistry or physics!

I hope these pages will prove a useful and good revision e-learning website for revising AQA, Edexcel and OCR 21st Century and OCR Gateway GCSE Science, GCSE Additional Science, GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics. Hopefully, eventually! these revision guide summary revision notes will cover all aspects, learning objectives, items of all the topics, units and modules of the AQA, Edexcel, OCR 21st Century and OCR Gateway GCSE science courses. I also hope this revision site offers revision tips and encouragement and hope that you can do well in your exams!

Homepage of my website for high school-college-academy on-line Science-Chemistry Revision help since 2000

Although the site centres around UK science courses, the study notes and revision quizzes should prove useful for chemistry revision of any science course taken by 11-18 year old school-college pupils-students around the English speaking world. I've tried to indicate the US grade levels and other countries if supplied with the information. The site covers KS3 Science GCSE, IGCSE, O Level and A Level Chemistry AS A2 IB and enables free online student exam revision help notes and practice questions eg quizzes

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 FIND YOUR 'nearest' ACADEMIC LEVEL of the three choices above or below and PLEASE explore the ensuing links. You can save and use the MINI-SITE MAPS of Dr Browns chemistry website for each academic level, and also use alphabetical A-Z science site index and most pages have a Google site search dedicated to this site.

The site is written for three broad academic levels

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The aim is customer satisfaction!The aim is customer satisfaction!1. KS3 SCIENCE biology-chemistry-physics QUIZZES (US grades 6-8)

KS3 Biology  *  KS3 Chemistry  *  KS3 Physics

Originally written for UK pupils/students aged 11-14:  Quizzes for all science and extra chemistry work sheets, crosswords etc. for England-Wales-NI Years 7, 8 and 9 final biology, chemistry and physics KS3 SCIENCE quizzes revision for QCA criteria science based courses. Also suitable revision help for : US K12 Science grades ~6-8, Caribbean Integrated Science Grades 7-8, Hong Kong Forms 1-3

First, choose your level of academic study and check out what might be useful in the various indexes, BUT don't forget textbooks too!.First, choose your level of academic study and check out what might be useful in the various indexes, BUT don't forget textbooks too!.2. KS4 Science GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry, Earth Science & Radioactivity

(equal to US grades 9-10)



GCSE Science : GCSE Additional Science : GCSE Biology : GCSE Chemistry : GCSE Physics


Examples of  GCSE & IGCSE NOTES Important definitions Separating mixtures The Periodic Table Uses of Chemicals Main index links at TOP of page
Chemical Identity Tests Gas preparation and collection Acids, bases, alkalis, pH & neutralisation Water Cycle, Hard & Soft water Equations, formula, names Speed of reaction - factors & expts
Types of Reaction Group 1 Alkali Metals Transition Metals Group 0 Noble Gases Extraction of Metals Corrosion - Rusting
Reversible reactions & equilibrium Metal Reactivity Series Ammonia, nitric acid & fertilisers Chemical Calculations Oil Products & Organic Chemistry Enzymes and Biotechnology
Electrolysis & Cells Energy changes States of Matter g-l-s Atomic Structure Chemical Bonding Limestone & lime
Nanochemistry Smart materials Group 7 Halogens   Earth Science & rocks Radioactivity


Originally written for UK pupils/students aged 14-16:  Revision-research-information notes and quizzes for England-Wales-NI Year 10-11 GCSE-IGCSE-KS4 and 14-19  Diploma courses in Science CHEMISTRY for AQA GCSE Science-CHEMISTRY, CCEA, Edexcel GCSE 360science, IGCSE Chemistry, OCR GCSE 21st Century Science, OCR GCSE Gateway Science, CIE IGCSE/O Level Chemistry and WJEC GCSE Science-CHEMISTRY courses. Also suitable revising help for: US K12 Science-Chemistry grades ~8-10. Chemistry of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Grades 9, 10, and 11, Hong Kong HKCEE Form 4 and Form 5, India Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE - All India Secondary School Examination AISSE Class 10 (Class X) school leaving science-chemistry Indian School Certificate Examinations ICSE science paper 2 Chemistry for Class IX and Class X (classes 9 and 10) CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations),  equivalent science-chemistry courses in Ireland (leaving certificate), Canada  United States (US/USA/Ca grade systems), Australia (e.g. NSW school certificate Stage 5), Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and other English speaking secondary school or college courses.

3. GCE-AS-A2-BTEC & IB etc. Pre-University Advanced Level Chemistry

(equal to US grades 11-12)

Originally written for UK pre-university students aged 16-18 UK A AS A2 Level:  Selected revision notes and a few quizzes and structured questions for International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme of Chemistry (IB), UK based Advanced Level CHEMISTRY KS5-GCE-AS-A2-IB-BTEC National awards-diplomas-NQF-GNVQ-NVQ Level 3 for AQA GCE Chemistry, CCEA GCE Chemistry, Edexcel GCE Chemistry, OCR GCE Chemistry, Salters Chemistry, WJEC GCE Chemistry, IB Chemistry and 14-19 Diploma courses in advanced level chemistry courses. It is essentially pre-university chemistry BUT 1st year undergraduates may find some useful 'revision' notes and quizzes. Also suitable revise help for: US K12 Chemistry grades ~11-12, Chemistry of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Grades 12-13, Hong Kong HKALE Advanced Level Chemistry, CBSE AISSE AISSCE Class 12 chemistry examinations (Indian advanced chemistry Class XII), CBSE (India's Central Board of Secondary Education) Chemistry Class XI and Class XII and equivalent advanced level chemistry courses in Ireland (higher leaving certificate), Canada  United States (US/USA/Ca grade systems), Australia (e.g. NSW school certificate Stage 6), Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and other English speaking secondary school or college courses.

Examples of pre-university Advanced Level Chemistry Revision Notes Links (main index links at TOP of page)
General chemical calculations Atomic structure & radioactivity Types of chemical bonding Shapes of simple molecules Thermochemistry & thermodynamics Kinetics - rates theory
Equilibrium introduction - rules Kc & Kp equilibrium calculations Intermolecular Forces pH calculations SA WA SB WB equilibria pH curves and titrations Simple cells & electrode potentials
Qualitative inorganic analysis tests Inorganic redox reactions Periodic Table History Electronic Structure Period 1 elements Period 2 elements
Period 3 elements Period 4 elements s-block Groups 1/2 p-block elements Gps 3/13-0/18 (not halogens) Group 7/17 The Halogens 3d block & transition metals
Alkanes Alkenes Halogenoalkanes Alcohols & ethers Aldehydes & Ketones Aromatic Compounds
Carboxylic acids & derivatives Organic Isomerism Qualitative Organic Analysis Tests Organic Mechanisms Homologous series & functional groups Organic Nitrogen Compounds

UNESCOaffiliated to the "A Ray of Hope UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace" "A UNESCO Culture of Peace Project" This website is being freely designed to promote the ethos of UNESCO by providing chemistry information and on-line resources for teachers and students world wide.

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 Other Science-Chemistry links

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Selected data of Groups, Series, Periods & a complete Period Table

 Countries from which students/teachers use the site * Cheap apparatus chemistry experiments

? ARGUS Gamma Monitoring and Acid Rain environmental project * Selected chemical links

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"Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic" website was www.wpbschoolhouse.btinternet.co.uk BUT is now known as www.docbrown.info and rapidly becoming "Doc Brown's Science" site as I branch out, as well as GCSE Chemistry, into GCSE BIOLOGY and GCSE PHYSICS revision notes too, in other words I'm aiming to cover, at least in revision summaries, all the GCSE science courses.

So, PLEASE update your links! The site is free to use on-line, and always will be and seems to work ok on all  iphone ipads netbooks epad tablet android systems NOT in apps format. Contact via  chemhelp@tiscali.co.uk.

How to revise chemistry? What is the best way to revise chemistry for examinations? Exam revision is a chore, and, there is no way round it, but remember that hard work pays off and the biggest resource, apart from your teacher, lesson notes, textbooks, internet etc. is YOUR potential ability to learn, AND developing a positive attitude to study, that enables you to work hard to succeed.

There is no magic revision method - quality time study - this is science not alchemy!

My last GCSE Science-Chemistry-Physics class Set 10DE1 Whitby Community College 2002-2003

Year 12 AS Advanced Level Salters Chemistry Students at Whitby Community College Year 12 January 2002

Granddaughter Baby Niamh at nearly 6 months! First experiment in molecular modelling!

No teething dribbling on the structure please! The greatest chemistry of all - the chemistry of life!

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