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Above are links to the main sections of the website, these in turn link to other sub-indexes from which I hope you will bookmark useful and relevant links for your science course. At the top and bottom of all revision notes pages are more detailed sets of navigation bar buttons to which you should make yourself familiar and use the Google search engine dedicated to My site putting in 'anything of interest' and you can put in multiple words to get the best page match from Doc Brown's website.

"Doc Brown's Chemistry" is a website designed for UK science students studying GCSE Biology, GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics and Advanced Level Chemistry. My website covers the current science syllabus specifications from AQA, Edexcel and OCR examination boards. This science revision e-learning  website includes notes & quizzes for chemistry, but includes some biology and physics too AND lots of 'unofficial' revision summaries for ALL the current GCSE Sciences (links below). The new GCSE specifications starting in September 2016 will be eventually covered too.

CV and 1993 still with beardCV and 2006 still click click!!I hope these web pages of 'Doc Brown's Chemistry'  help your studies! and a warm welcome to the HOMEPAGE of doc b's "Chemistry Online" revision website. This was my millennium 'teaching & learning' project and Doc Brown (teacher) has been online since 2000! Its a big SCIENCE WEBSITE to get to know from a retired CHEMISTRY teacher (and some physics and general science for teaching and learning purposes), SO, use the appropriate INDEXES and Google custom 'Doc Brown's Site' SEARCH too! 'Doc Brown's Chemistry' (all material Dr Phil Brown 2000-2016) has lots of  science revision notes & quizzes, mainly an e-learning website for chemistry, but includes some biology and physics too AND lots of 'unofficial' revision summaries for ALL the current English GCSE Science courses

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New & re-edited webpages: 'Doc Brown's Science-Chemistry' and 'docspics' 2016: Oct 25th Warrington Bank Quay station * Oct 26th wy12a * wy12b * evr 02a 03a 04a 05a 06a 07a 08a 09a 10a 11a 12a 13a 15a 16a nymr midd  Train from Northallerton or York to London Kings Cross Station & architecture St Pancras Stations Charing Cross Station  Paddington Station Euston Station  Marylebone Station  Liverpool  Street Station nut11 ss20 ys08 Barnetby Station, North Lincolnshire Carlisle Station - WCML Clapham Junction Station, London Colton Junction, south of York - ECML Crewe Station - WCML Doncaster Station - ECML Hellifield station - Carlisle to Settle line Lancaster Station - WCML Newcastle Central Station - ECML Northallerton Station - ECML Nuneaton Station - WCML Sheffield Station Stratford Station, East London Wigan North Western - WCML York Station - ECML * Oct 27th 'New' Malton Town - buildings and streets Town of Kendal Cumbrian Coast Line - scenic railway trip  The Furness Line Rainhill Station, Prescot Station & Whiston Saltburn Darlington railway museum Haltwhistle Seaham Bishop Auckland Tynemouth Hartlepool Sunderland Hexham * Oct 29th beverley hull selby thirsk bristol Oct 30th: peterborough cambridge anglia electroplating page moved transition metals titanium Oct 30th 76084 Nov 1st didcot bridgnorth keighley mid14 mid26a mid40 lakes28a ss01 ss02 ss25 Nov 3rd Some Advanced A Level Practical Exercises and Calculations Rydale folk museum adaptations Nov 16th Pickering Castle Baysdale Durham Cathedral Nov 20th: What is relative atomic mass?, relative isotopic mass and calculating relative atomic mass * Calculating relative formula/molecular mass of a compound or element molecule  Law of Conservation of Mass and simple reacting mass calculations Nov 22nd Introduction to heat transfer - conduction, convection and radiation  How to determine specific heat capacity, use of data, calculations and thermal energy stores  More on methods of reducing heat transfer eg in a house and an investigation of the insulating properties of materials  The density of materials and the particle model of matter Nov 23rd  Craster-Dunstanburgh Walk ? ? ? ?

IN FUTURE THIS WILL BE MY MAIN GCSE SCIENCE EXAM REVISION SUMMARY INDEX for biology, chemistry, physics and science GCSE courses - The 'old' navigation system was far too complicated (big apology in retrospect), things will be a lot simpler from July 2017 onwards when the 'old' GCSE courses have finished and the 'old' GCSE science summary pages dealt with by deletion or conversion to stand alone notes!


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